“IDG continues to provide an excellent programme for people moving into early leadership roles and this has had a lasting impact both on the individuals and the business, with much of the success down to the very experiential nature of the programme combined with powerful content.”

Richard Coles, Senior Project Manager, Global Strategic Projects

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

“IDG are very impressive. They bought into what we were trying to do (build the leadership capabilities of the team) and were passionate about delivering this. There was a real focus on creating a positive learning experience where people wanted to develop and grow as leaders. This has led to sustained improvements and individuals continuing to focus on their leadership journeys. Galileo once said ‘You can’t teach a man anything, you can only help him discover it within himself’. IDG have certainly helped the team discover its leadership potential.”

Michael MacLaren, Head of Business Banking Support


“IDG delivered an outstanding two day team development workshop as part of our Analyst Initial Training Programme. We agreed upon a highly interactive workshop that combined theory on high performing teams, team dynamics and the behaviour of effective followers with a range of team development activities. We made the most of the Sandhurst setting; putting the delegates through increasingly complex and arduous activities, eventually venturing onto the assault course at the end of the second day.”

Will Roberts



“IDG’s consistent track record with The Crown Prince’s Training Programme for Youth has seen a further successful roll out – for the sixth year. The programme continues to benefit from the maximum input and participation by the young businessmen and women who act as mentors. The students of course continue to gain from both the intellectual and practical aspects of the course – designed to make them self-aware, proactive, and confident.”

Shaikha Marwa Bint Rashed Al-Khalifa
Court of the Crown Prince Training Programme for Youth

“An industry first – great opportunity to jointly learn and make a difference. As we move forward, we will seek to assist and drive improvements in the socio-work-ethical environment in the PDO contractor community. We believe this will support both PDO and the contractor community in addressing key issues arising through gaps or lack of care and engagement/listening – and help to raise performance standards in the contractor community. We want to use PRISM as one of the tools to regularly assess gaps, opportunities and best practice in support of change management and a high performance environment.”

Raoul Restucci, Managing Director
Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

“My experience of working with IDG has been that of a professional organisation which has mastered the fine blend of formal assessment and delivery whilst maintaining informal empathy for the client. The use of formal tools and workshops during our Elite Coach residential programme was augmented by the exceptional people skills of the consultants. During one to one sessions which explored personal and potentially emotive areas, their consultants proved adept at handling the coaches and gave me confidence of the gains to be had. I am very impressed with how they go about their trade.”

Sam Whale
UK Sport Elite Coach Programme


“Huge thumbs up for Lance and Johanne. They seemed to enjoy facilitating as much as we enjoyed participating. I haven’t had so much fun learning, ever. And I mean ever.”



“By using a Business Simulation delegates can actually see the immediate impact of their actions on the operation’s financial health. “It is an excellent method to get people out of their comfort zone and to learn by acting and experiencing. It pulls far more levers than just financial acumen – it’s about strategic planning, competitor analysis, people management, smart decision making and building a high performing team. It leaves people far more aware of the role that they play in securing long term financial stability and commercial success.”

Bob Pearce
AS Watson

“I have worked with IDG for the past 7 years, through 2 completely different organisations. During this time we have designed practical experiential and fun learning programmes for my management teams, ranging across all management levels. “The leadership experience gained by my delegates has made a significant difference to our business, with our managers making the transition from managing their workloads to leading teams. “My delegates have all said that their experience at Sandhurst has been second to none and for some life changing. “The IDG team have always been dedicated to our programmes, delivering in a style that is embraced by our delegates. Nothing is too far reached for IDG to achieve. Their enthusiasm, professionalism and passion for learning elevates them far above other training providers I have worked with. “I would have no hesitation in recommending the IDG team as a leadership learning provider.”

Mel Milazzo, Training & Development Manager 
EMCOR facilities management

“The Achieving your Potential programme at Sandhurst was a great success. The opportunity for students to put theory in to practice, experiment with different leadership behaviours and receive feedback from the highly experience coaches and professional development experts from IDG will prove to be invaluable. The programme supports our employability skills agenda and ensures that Cass will continue to produce highly effective business leaders.” 

Alexander Cross, Head of Professional Development

“South Africa team were amazing! The passion, energy, inspiration and presence showed up! Truly delighted!”

Donna Adams

“I brought my Senior Leadership team for a two day programme at Sandhurst run by IDG. The inspirational environment really set the tone for what turned out to be a challenging, thought-provoking, and pragmatic two days. Each member of the team went away with some firm ideas of how to improve their performance- an in face we asked our facilitator to come back and do some work on an off-site for the wider team, which also had a great impact. The learning style was practical, relevant- and fun! In all I would summarise it as: useful, invaluable and enjoyable.”

Richard Rowney

Liverpool Victoria

“It is vitally important that all employees are fully aligned on the Companies Core Values whilst focusing on delivering optimal performance on behalf of all stakeholders. This game, superbly facilitated by IDG over several years, has allowed the Values of Safety and the importance of Teamwork, in achieving Project success, to be reinforced highly effectively, and in a fun, enjoyable but challenging and stimulating environment. I have no doubt that the game has significantly contributed to the ongoing success of our London Operations by enhancing overall business awareness whilst providing focused learning to participants on planning/ decision making/ risk assessment and commercial performance. I would have no hesitation in reccomending IDG to other businesses looking to drive project and organisational success.”

Barry Hawley


“There is no doubt that the IDG Business Simulation, designed specifically for our business, delivers and exceptional delegate experience. Over 160 staff from all disciplines and functions in our London Oil and Gas contracting business have participated so far. We continue to receive excellent feedback from attendees from all levels of experience in our organisation who find the sessions highly engaging, very relevant and expertly delivered. As well as the obvious commercial mind-set that the programme engenders, we have found that the networking and team building opportunities provided by the simulation have also proved invaluable to the organisation. We are looking forward to working with IDG again.”

Andy Braddel




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