IDG in the Middle East

We have been working throughout the region since 2001, with clients from both the private and public sector.

Our work in the Middle East is centred around improving the performance of our clients through the development of their people.

We design and deliver high-quality development programmes aligned with the organisation’s goals, that deliver quantifiable business results. The intellectual content of our programmes is in part informed by our unique relationship with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, which has a particular resonance throughout the region.

Our main business improvement focus in the Middle East has been on:

  • Leadership Development
  • Work Ethics
  • Team Building
  • SME Development
  • Youth Development

Our programmes provide bespoke solutions for clients to address their specific performance and development needs whilst creating local capability. Adults learn by doing not listening. Therefore our style of facilitation is experiential, leading to measurable and sustainable change of behaviour.

Our Clients

At IDG we see our clients as our partners and we are proud to have productive, ongoing relationships with highly respected organisations both in the public and private sectors. These include:

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