Aspiring Senior Leaders Taster Programme

24th & 25th April and 18th & 19th September 2017
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Who is this for?

You want to increase the leadership capability of your organisation.

You are an executive, senior HR person, or similar organisational decision maker.

A two day complimentary programme exploring the progression to Senior Leadership and the challenge of ‘Leading through Others’ at the Strategic Level.

The 2 day taster programme will be held at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, with whom we have an exclusive partnering agreement. Apart from participants travel expenses, the programme will be at no cost to you as the cost of the whole of the 2 days including meals and accommodation at Sandhurst overnight on the first evening will be met by IDG.

What is the aim of the programme and what will be covered?

As well as stimulating thought and debate on issues of importance to an aspiring senior leader, the programme is designed to give participants (and through them, yourself) a feel for IDG’s style and the development methodologies it employs so that we can showcase our services to you in the hope that we may be able to assist you with any learning and development in the future.

We will be exploring areas such as the implicit theories of leadership, followership, strategic team decision making, personal challenges of leadership, a look at Sandhurst’s leadership lessons, many of which are transferable into business along with a range of practical activities to draw out key messages as well as covering the psychology around change and influence and finally some personal commitments.

Overview and Aim

This programme will provide high potential Leaders with a developmental experience designed to enhance their strategic thinking and practice around:

  • Developing how they see themselves as individual leaders with strategic responsibilities
  • How they see themselves as part of a collective leadership – that runs as a thread throughout the business and encourages every member of a company to feel responsible for achieving some or all of “The Plan”
  • Understanding, shaping and cascading the business’s strategic plans and policies and the role of leadership – at all levels – in that process

Key Learning and Development Objectives:

  • An enhanced understanding of their personal and professional development issues
  • An ability to exert greater strategic influence inside the business
  • Rethinking Leadership as a ‘meaning maker’ – exploring the role of the leader as an agent for change, thought leader and role model
  • Setting Organisational Context – “What am I doing here and Why?”
  • Peripheral Vision – how well do I collaborate?
  • Designing, briefing, and implementing a plan – refresher
  • Time Efficiency
  • Leadership and its Impact on Followership – what kind of Follower are you?
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FREE. All costs whilst you are on the programme, including accommodation and food, will be met by IDG. Note that this does not include your travel to and from Sandhurst.

Programmes Dates

24th & 25th April
18th & 19th September


Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst