Aspiring Women Leaders Programme

London  – Machester – Pune – Hong Kong – Amman

The aim of this programme is for Aspiring Women Leaders to develop leadership skills and competencies, to build self-confidence, and be more effective business managers.

Attendees aspiring to future promotion and advancement will learn how to maximise their potential and strengthen their leadership skills. Achieving this will require an evolution in the way you, as an Executive Women Leader, think about your role, what you choose to focus on, the skills you need to develop and the behaviours you should demonstrate. The programme will draw on the concept of the ‘Leadership Shadow’ and build on your experience, your perceptions and your workplace realities, and encourage you to continue developing yourself as a leader.

Programmes will take place over two days and explores a new theme on each:

  • Day 1 – Honing Individual Leadership Skills and Aspirations
  • Day 2 – Tackling Organisational Culture and Personal Resilience

Skills and themes to be explored throughout the programme include:

  • Establishing Leadership Credibility; exploring principles and models of leadership to improve leadership performance
  • Developing individual communication strategies; exploring the power of networking and influence to more effectively manage up, down and across the organisation
  • Challenging organisational culture; developing personal strategies to overcome bias and stereotyping
  • Exploring the power of choice; taking ownership of career advancement and work/life balance; ‘the Leadership gym’
  • Strengthening individual brand

We will be running this programme throughout 2017 in London, Manchester, Pune, Amman and Hong Kong. You can request more information and register your interest in attending by clicking the blue button.

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