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Business Performance Workshop Series 2017

Showcasing IDG’s globally acclaimed, and rather unique, business performance solutions that deliver commercial excellence.

IDG South Africa announce a series of workshops presented by IDG’s visiting international faculty from the UK & Middle East. Learn about innovative models that raise business performance to a very high level by creating sustainable behavioural change.

The workshops will be presented to senior, cross-functional, decision makers from South African businesses, and will take place in August, September & October 2017. Key features of the series include:

  • Behavioural and character based competence development essentials.
  • Large-scale diagnostics to facilitate a long-term engagement programme.
  • Gamification as applied to business performance and leadership development.

The workshops are free and delegates may apply to participate at only one, two, or all, of the sessions. Places are limited, subject to availability and strictly on a first-come first-served basis.

More details:

Workshop 1:

Entrenching Behavioural & Character-Based Competence To Enable Companies To Achieve Robust Commercial Excellence

22nd August 2017 | Hilton Hotel Sandton |Half Day – 07h30 – 11h15

Many organisations have realised that technical skills alone are not enough. Driving a culture of commercial excellence requires character and behavioural change.
This workshop will demonstrate how to instill character and behavioural change simultaneously with business acumen.

Workshop 2:

Detailing The Requisites To Succeed With A Large-Scale Diagnostics & Long-Term Engagement Programme

19th September 2017 | Hilton Hotel Sandton | Half Day – 07h30 – 11h15

This workshop will show you how the oil and gas industry applied large-scale, long-term, diagnostic surveys and facilitated processes to engage with 200 organisations in their supply chain,
improving business performance for the suppliers and in-turn the industry. The programme was designed to fulfill the mandate by the UN to improve working conditions in the Oil & Gas Industry in Oman.

Workshop 3:

Experiencing The IDG Commercial Excellence &Amp; Business Acumen Simulation Process – A 2 Day “Gamification” Session With Cross-Functional Multiple Levels Of People Contributing To The Desired (Often Ambitious) Outcome

18th &19th October 2017 | Hilton Hotel Sandton | Two Day – 7h30 – 16h00

This is a 2-day programme where selected participants will actively participate in a business simulation process to see for themselves how effectively this method produces real business results.

Acting as the senior leadership team, participants are required to formulate and deliver on a growth strategy in an extremely competitive and fast-paced environment.

Participants will devise innovative and commercial ways to build shareholder value and manage business risks.

Our International Faculty include:

Craig Preston

An accomplished leader in private sector organisations and adept leadership and team development consultant. Craig has acquired a portfolio of clients that spans industries across continents by crafting results-oriented leadership solutions that deliver excellence by working directly with the business and its operational strategy.

Gerry Woods

The regional director of IDG Middle East, director of business operations and solutions architect of the IDG Oman team. His clients comment on his remarkable ability to promote relationship building and galvanise programme attendees into positive action that impacts effectively on their business.

David Bowman

A qualified accountant, psychometrist and corporate finance expert, David has designed and facilitated business simulation games which engage, develop and challenge participants in a pragmatic, business focused, way. David is the lead consultant for one of IDG’s award winning leadership development programmmes.

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