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Jake’s Blog: Q&A

Just before he left to make his summit attempt, we put to Jake some questions that had been sent in for him via Twitter, Facebook and the K2 2016 newsletter.

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Jake’s Blog #32: Queuing for the Black Pyramid

Day 32: C2 to C3, 7,300m

As I’d already spent 2 nights on a previous rotation at C2 (6700m), the night wasn’t too bad. I was a bit restless, but any headache was minimal, and certainly didn’t keep me awake. I awoke feeling refreshed and raring to go, and looking forward to climbing higher on the ‘Black Pyramid’.

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Jake’s Blog #19 : The Relief of the Mules

K2 Climb 2016 Blog #19 : The Relief of the Mules 29/06/2016: Day 19 - Basecamp Rest Day #5, 5000m Click for larger image A fairly quiet day, the big news is that I had my first proper night's sleep! No drugs (other than the Cipro which is helping with the GI bug),...

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Jake’s Blog # 13 : Arrival at K2 Basecamp

23/06/16 : Day 13 – Arrival at K2 Basecamp, 5000m

Despite us only having a short trek (12km or so) up to K2 BC from our camp below Broad Peak BC, we planned to leave early. Overnight, it snowed several inches, and was still snowing when we got up at 0500

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Jake’s Blog #12 – Into the arena of the Gods

22/06/16: Day 12 – Goro 2 Camp to Base of Broad Peak, 4700m

Last night was the first night where I actually felt comfortable in my sleeping bag. Up until now, it’s been much too warm at night to be comfortable in my Mountain Hardwear Ghost -40 bag

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