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An Invitation to ‘A Night of Endurance’

As you will be aware, IDG consultant and in-house ‘Action Man’ Jake Meyer attempted to climb K2 in Pakistan last year. It was another incredible adventure to add to Jake’s long and distinguished collection of extreme experiences.

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Leadership Lessons From High Performance Sport

In the first of a series of blogs written exclusively for IDG, John Steele, Chairman of the English Institute of Sport, looks at leadership challenges within sport in 2016, an Olympic year. He explores how similar challenges are faced in other sectors during a time of intense change and refers to lessons he learned during his time as an Army Officer.

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Leadership: Doing the right thing!

Leaders have to make many tough decisions but choosing to do what is “right” when it might have a detrimental effect on the business is the toughest of all, says Craig Preston, IDG’s Managing Director

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