Being and entrepreneur is exciting, challenging and can be risky! You need to be creative, to be able to hold your nerve and create a high performing team environment.

Being an entrepreneur means you understand your customer needs and innovate new ways that create value. It is a core capability that allows firms to sustain competitive advantage and grow. It is a skill that can be learned and mastered. It can be made a part of an organisations culture but it requires experimentation and uncertainty. It requires looking at customers and markets in new ways and an ability maintain your operation today while directing resources to discover tomorrow’s. Most of all it requires a willingness to challenge the assumptions that may have made the company successful in the first place.

At IDG we believe that by developing the following natural personality traits you can start to think and act like an entrepreneur, these are :

  • Optimism and vision
  • Initiative and desire
  • Drive, persistence and resilience
  • Smart and motivated leadership

Combining these traits with great communication and listening skills, being bold and creative and ultra organised will support your desire for success for your organisation and yourself.

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