People Analytics

Using data collection and analysis to align your people with your strategy

People Analytics helps you know your business better. We provide the means to identify and quantify the capability of your organisation by surveying your people and analysing the data. This information can be used to identify areas of strength and weakness, provide a clear roadmap for employee development, and return measurable benefits by focusing improvement efforts on activities with high quantifiable return.

Our survey system is robust and flexible, capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of respondents, whilst adapting to your particular business needs and regional requirements. The data collected can then be fed into our powerful analytics engine, built in collaboration with our clients to be accessible and intuitive, allowing you to visualise and manipulate your data to provide insight relevant to you and your business.

There are a number of business-driven objectives that are supported by People Analytics:

  • Analyse data relevant to you and your business.
  • Identify capability gaps and areas of strength.
  • Benchmark across teams, departments, functions, regions or the entire organisation.
  • Returns measurable benefits by focusing improvement efforts on activities with high quantifiable return.
  • Clarity on where to target learning spend and focus
  • Quantify the success of development programmes.
  • Align human capital with business objectives.
  • Raw data for direct input into HR software.
  • Formalise and drive employee development.
  • Provides a clear roadmap for employee development.
  • Defines minimum proficiency levels for each role.

People Analytics also provides your employees with:

  • A map to help drive personal development.
  • The capabilities required to exceed in their role.
  • Easily-digestible report detailing responses.
  • Hidden strengths and blindspots.
  • Highest and lowest scoring statements.
  • The key to greater engagement and focus.

Alternatively, please contact:

Laurent Corneille Head of Technology
Head of Innovation

Laurent and his team manage IDG’s highly regarded data collection and analytics platform that is used by clients to support key decisions with evidence.

The team is also dedicated to innovating IDG’s programmes with the aim of anticipating client needs, improving client engagement and growing revenue by exploring organisational macro trends and leveraging new technologies.

One of the team’s most promising areas of growth is in the auditing and benchmarking of worker welfare and standards in large scale infrastructure projects across the globe.

Laurent joined IDG in 2011. He was previously a senior consultant for a “retainer only” international headhunting firm specialised in organisational change, process improvement methodologies and change management for large blue-chip organisations.

He is well versed in Lean and holds a Six Sigma Green Belt.
Fluent in both French and Italian, he is a certified Myers-Briggs and SDI practitioner and can occasionally be seen on IDG programmes, sharing his commercial and leadership experiences.

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