The HSBC FUSION Programme

FUSION is a multi-award winning, highly-intensive business and individual performance improvement programme. It was created for talented, committed people who are looking for a unique opportunity to make a measurable difference for themselves, for their organisation and for their customers.

FUSION is a year-long programme consisting of five 3-day residential modules. It teaches already high-performing individuals how to break down silos, build momentum and deliver simpler, better and faster for customers through enhanced leadership & followership skills, closer networking and more effective teamworking.

FUSION incorporates three methodologies for measuring Return on Investment for the Client. The biggest of these is the Momentum Payback Project, in which FUSION participants form multi-national, cross-functional teams, identify a real business problem in their organisation, and work with their IDG facilitators to create an effective, implementable solution that delivers tangible business benefits.

To date, FUSION has yielded a measurable ROI five times that of the Client’s expenses.

To find out more, please watch the film below which captures the experiences of participants before, during and after their FUSION programme.