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IDG response to COVID-19 crisis

As a temporary measure, we have redesigned our website and are publishing specialist content in response to the coronavirus crisis. Scroll down to find free content and click here to learn more.

Leading in a Crisis

“We’re all in this together” is being repeated around the world. The Inspirational Development Group is living through the same challenges as you. We thought we would leverage our 20 years’ experience in leadership development to create free content designed to help manage yourself, your team and your organisation during the crisis.

Resilience and Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has created high levels of uncertainty and stress – leaders must look after the resilience and wellbeing of themselves and their team, and this film discusses some ways to do just that…

Communicating Effectively With a Remote Team

Communication is more important than ever during the coronvirus crisis, especially with more and more of us are working in newly remote teams. Leaders should concentrate on the quantity, quality and delivery of their communications and this film explains why and how…

Leading in a Crisis: Translating Military Models Into Business

Richard Westley OBE MC and Johanne Malin discuss how Mission Analysis and other military models can translate into the civilian world, particualrly in time of crisis…

Establishing Trust Within Teams

Establishing and maintaining trust within a team is critical during a crisis. There are ten elements that are used to build trust: this film highlights those that are important during the current crisis, and what leaders can do to accelerate the process…

Reviving Stakeholder Management

Opportunities should be saught out whichever form they take, and the coronavirus crisis does offer the chance to review our stakeholder management….

What We Do

We are a global behavioural development consultancy, specialising in creating effective leadership, followership and partnership throughout your organisation.

We help your organisation achieve its strategic goals by developing the behaviour of your people. We design award-winning, bespoke development programmes that promote and provide leadership skills and deliver measurable benefits to your business.

We work with every level of your organisation, from graduates and apprentices through middle management, right up to and including members of the board. We capture data relevant to your business that helps you review the health of your organisation, find out the potential of your people as well as evaluate the impact of our work.

For more information, click here to view our usual website.

Services during the COVID-19 Crisis

Online Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Personalised coaching can help you or your team improve performance and deliver your goals. Our experienced coaches will guide you in the right direction, whether it be finding business opportunities, dealing with challenges, meeting specific development needs, or simply a general desire to work better as a team or as a leader. Sessions are delivered using the online medium of your choice.

Live Webinars and Digital Learning Design

Our clients can leverage our award-winning leadership and management development design capability to create bespoke, digital content to fit in with the current reality of your people strategy. From webinars to facilitator-led discussions and directed independent study, IDG can bring to bear its 20 years experience and help your people continue to develop even in these unprecedented circumstances.

COVID-19 Pulse Surveys

Utilise our rigorous and flexible platform to carry out an employee engagement survey across the organisation, functions and in multiple languages if required.

What Our Clients Say

“FUSION is a change the bank programme, we have saved more money than it has cost to run this programme by a factor of 5, but we’ve also changed the culture of the bank… the value of FUSION just grows and grows.”

Global head of leading multinational bank

“IDG continues to provide an excellent programme for people moving into early leadership roles and this has had a lasting impact both on the individuals and the business. ”

Richard Coles

“Integrating coaching with our global management development programme ensures we embed and sustain real improvements… The quality of IDG design and delivery, supported by excellent project management and technology capability has contributed immensely to this success.”

Senior Representative
Global bank

“IDG are very impressive. They bought into what we were trying to do (build the leadership capabilities of the team) and were passionate about delivering this. This has led to sustained improvements.”

Michael Mclaren

“IDG’s consistent track record with The Crown Prince’s Training Programme for Youth has seen a further successful roll out for the sixth year. ”

Shaikha Marwa Bint Rashed Al-Khalifa
Court of the Crown Prince Training Programme for Youth

“A great success. The opportunity for students to put theory in to practice, experiment with different leadership behaviours and receive feedback from the highly experienced coaches and professional development experts from IDG will prove to be invaluable.””

Alexander Cross
CASS Business School

“…best Away Day ever. The key element was the professionalism and focus that IDG brought to the event.”

Peter Millett
British Ambassador, British Embassy, Amman

“IDG are very impressive. They bought into what we were trying to do and were passionate about delivering this.
“IDG have certainly helped the team discover its leadership potential.”

Senior Representative
King Abdullah II Fund for Development

“The leadership experience has made a significant difference to our business.
“My delegates have all said that their experience at Sandhurst has been second to none and for some life changing.”

Mel Milazzo
Head of Learning and Development, EMCOR

“IDG have become our trusted partners. What we value most from IDG is their open and flexible approach… we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Nicola Cooper
HR Director, ALDAR


Are you still open for business during the COVID-19 Crisis?
Yes, we are. Our international offices in South Africa, India, Oman and the UAE are also remaining open. However, we have reduced our staffing levels in the UK for a short time.
What is your relationship with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst?
The Inspirational Development Group has benefited from an exclusive partnering agreement with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for 20 years. We have an office located at Old College, full access to the Sandhurst grounds and indeed, enjoy a warm relationship with senior military leaders from the Academy. There is much that commercial organisations can learn from the military, most notably from Sandhurst, an institution steeped in a culture of leadership excellence for over 200 years, but we are not a paramilitary organisation. We translate the most effective and relevant leadership methods from the Sandhurst into the commercial world.
Do you offer open courses?
No, IDG operates on a B2B model. If you are an organisation with a group or cadre that requires development in sustainable behavioural change – from graduates all the way through to the C-level, we can help.
Do you offer digital courses/programmes?
Yes, we do. These can be “blended” with more traditional face to face and experiential inputs, or purely through digital media. However, we encourage our clients to maintain a human element to all digital programmes, be it through online facilitation, webinars, or indeed even one to one coaching and mentoring if required.
What else do you offer other than leadership and management development?
Although IDG’s reputation is one that has been forged in the “leadership development” space, we also offer programmes and simulations in commercial excellence, executive and team coaching, graduate and youth programmes and also touch on subjects that have been become increasingly linked to good leadership and team behaviour, notably the advances in the cognitive sciences, wellbeing and nutrition and business ethics for example. Visit our usual website for more information or contact us via info@

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Please visit our Policy Centre to read our policies on Privacy, GDPR, Corporate Social Responsibility and Anti-bribery and Corruption.

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