We regularly run free two-day taster programmes at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, with whom we have an exclusive partnering agreement.

What is the aim of the programme and what will be covered?

This programme will provide high potential leaders with a developmental experience designed to enhance their strategic thinking and practice around:

  • Understanding, translating and shaping the business’s strategic plans and policies and the role of leadership – at all levels – in that process.
  • Developing themselves as individual leaders with strategic responsibilities.
  • Identifying themselves as part of a collective leadership – i.e. a cohort who for their business’s sake need to have shared understanding of how the whole business works and what its senior leadership – as a collective – need to prioritise to drive it forward in sustainable commercial terms.

Key Learning and Development Objectives:

  • An enhanced understanding of their personal and professional development issues.
  • An ability to exert greater strategic influence both inside and outside the business.
  • Rethinking Leadership as a ‘meaning maker’ – exploring the role of the leader as an agent for change, thought leader and role model.
  • Why do some people never see the big picture? The theory and practice of effective professional development.
  • Why is Change so hard? Lessons from psychotherapy on personal change.
  • Leading in a diverse and dispersed organisation – what leadership ‘model’ is best aligned to the company’s commercial model?

As well as stimulating thought and debate on issues of importance to an aspiring senior leader, the programme is designed to give participants (and through them, yourself) a feel for IDG’s style and the development methodologies it employs so that we can showcase our services to you in the hope that we may be able to assist with your learning and development in the future.

Who is the programme aimed at?

Your Middle Management Talent Pool – People who have real potential for taking up senior leadership positions in the future (typically 1 level below Heads of Departments). We are looking to invite up to 16 high potential candidates in total from a select few large organisations to participate. The participants should have been identified from your middle management talent pool as having real senior leadership prospects. Alternatively, we would welcome key decision makers from your L&D or HR function who may like to experience this taster programme first hand.

What costs are involved?

Apart from participants travel expenses, the programme will be at no cost to your organisation as the cost of the whole of the 2 days including meals (including accommodation at Sandhurst overnight on the first evening) will be met by IDG.

If you would like to register your interest in the programme, please complete the form below:

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