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We work with great businesses, and our partnerships have won many awards

We work across industries, functions and borders. To date, IDG has worked in 22 countries, across 14 industries. Many of our clients are large multi-national organisations requiring solutions and capability to work across multiple functions and territories.

We take great pride in the quality of our client base and the duration of our relationships: we have worked with most of our clients for many years. We believe clients come to us because of our commitment to make a difference and raise the performance bar of both the organisation and the individual.

Below are some of the exceptional businesses and organisations we have been privileged to work with.



We are proud and privileged to have received several awards for our work.

IDG Awards



“Best Leadership Development Award for Middle Management” Global HR Excellence Awards 2017
HSBC and IDG’s Activate Programme.

Activate is a bespoke leadership development programme designed for HSBC’s Global Banking and Markets Technology division, focusing on its technology centres in India and China. Activate will help drive business performance by developing individual leaders, whilst encouraging a consistent collective approach to leading. The programme draws on a range of insights and approaches to aid delegates’ understanding of the psychology of leadership and to inspire a shared vision that sets a clear direction for the future.
The prestigious awards are part of the World HRD Congress, now in its 25th year, and aim to “recognise the best of the best”. IDG’s ‘Activate’ programme was honoured alongside other winners including Infosys, Emirates, Mahindra, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, EY, and Marks & Spencer.

Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2013: Judges’ Star Performer
British Sugar and IDG’s Management Fundamentals Programme (MFP).

Originally entered into ‘Training Programme of the Year’ category, MFP won the more prestigious award, owing to the programme’s innovative commercial strategy that set out to raise the performance bar for managers. The programme focuses on managing self with impact, managing people to achieve results and managing the future – all underpinned by British Sugar’s leadership competencies and values.

This programme has had a positive impact not only on the participants but also on the business, through a measurable shift in their managerial behaviour.

Construction News Awards: Training Initiative of the Year
Kier and IDG’s Leadership Charter Programme

In 2011 the Kier Group faced the challenge of turning a strategic vision into a reality. The task ahead was considerable: Kier employs more than 16,000 people worldwide in a range of construction and integrated services. Success would lie in having a workforce that was up-skilled, refocused and well led. Developing a brand of leadership to drive and support the changes necessary would be top of its agenda.

Joining forces with IDG, it developed the Kier Leadership Charter, a training and development programme inspired by IDG‘s ‘servant leadership’ approach, emphasising the role of the leader in supporting, enabling and, most importantly, putting others first.

Financial World Innovation Awards 2013: The Most Effective Cultural Transformation Initiative
HSBC and IDG’s FUSION programme.

The Executive Team of the Global Banking & Marketing IT function (GB&M IT) had identified two essential drivers for success. The first was a non-hierarchical culture to facilitate agility and empowerment to drive change to a wide base of staff. The second, which is a pre-requisite for all major businesses these days, was to create processes and collaborative thinking to ease working across global teams.

The solution was FUSION – a year-long highly intensive business improvement programme. Cross-functional, cross-hierarchical global managers take part in five intensive 3 day residential workshops, resulting in the creation of quick-win payback projects which have achieved an impressive seven-figure ROI to date.

European Leadership Awards 2012: Best Leadership Development programme

Menzies chartered accountants were recognised for the way it develops management talent. The firm’s Manager Development Programme, which is delivered in collaboration with IDG, was named Best Leadership Development programme at the MPF European Leadership Awards, which recognise leadership and management effectiveness in major professional firms.

The judges commended the programme for its direct impact on the business and on individuals. They said that the involvement of senior management suggested real buy-in from the firm and that through the use of project teams, the IDG programme was able to add significant commercial value.

Financial World Innovation Awards 2010: Innovation in Staff Development

“Experienced Managers Programme”, developed, designed and delivered by The Inspirational Development Group for the Lloyds Banking Group.

‘EMP is a first-class example of a sustained and useful initiative. Good management engagement and adept execution makes this a stand-out management programme which helps reduce the cultural barriers seen in major companies, as well as achieving some impressive results’ – Marc DonFrancesco – Judge

Following its launch in 2003 the initial success of the Experienced Managers Programme in Lloyds Banking Group led to the widening of its footprint across the organisation, the delivery of seven more years of success and a significant return on investment. The programme was designed to take people from different parts of the business and build trust between them in order to facilitate good high performance teamwork.

For this reason the first residential module was run at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and aimed at building trust and inclusion fast. Each programme involved some thirty-plus middle and senior managers who undertake five, three-day residential modules over 12 months and work in four teams to deliver ROI on quick-win projects that they choose themselves. The first 21 groups have delivered payback of over £20m. By the end of 2011 over 800 participants will have been through this programme.

IT Training Awards 2009: Staff Development Programme of the Year

“Fusion” Programme, designed and delivered by IDG for HSBC.

The judges said: “HSBC’s Fusion programme has provided a comprehensive and sustainable solution to a serious skills issue within the IT department – worldwide. The judges were particularly impressed at the way the solution does not just train people, it actually induces change throughout the operation. The sheer scale of the programme, and the senior management support it has, were both remarkable and the project has demonstrated many benefits – e.g. retention, reduction in costs, customer satisfaction, collaboration, peer support, and the alumni community which has been created by networking the “Fusioneers”.

The judges noted: “this is real action learning” – not just theory!.”

Banking Technology Awards 2008: Best Contribution in Financial IT to Reducing the Carbon Footprint Award

“Fusion” Programme, designed and delivered by IDG for HSBC.

The FUSION Programme seeks to put new skills into practice by means of team-based Pay Back projects. Each team must decide on a project that will provide tangible business benefits to the organisation whilst also providing a financial return on investment.

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