Leadership Experience Apprenticeship Programme

Give your future leaders the knowledge and skills they need to support their development

Developed and delivered in partnership with Babington, our Level 3 and 5 apprenticeship training programmes are designed to provide leadership skills as well as the bespoke training requirements of your organisation.

Our flexible, blended approach utilises classroom and online learning to support your apprentices throughout their learning on all devices, at any time. In addition, they benefit from IDG’s experiential techniques designed and proven to effectively develop and engrain leadership behaviours. Some of these elements of the programme can be delivered at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the British Army’s centre of leadership excellence for over 200 years, taking advantage of our exclusive partnering agreement with the Academy.

Our partner in these programmes is Babington, one of the UK’s top providers of government funded apprenticeship programmes. Regulated by Ofsted, and a grade 2 training provider with ‘outstanding’ features, Babington has helped hundreds of organisations find effective, affordable ways to enhance their performance.
Together, our programme can help to:

  • Develop technical skillsets
  • Cultivate leadership behaviours
  • Breed a strategic mentality
  • Assess knowledge and competency
  • Increase employee loyalty
  • Decrease staff turnover

The programme is fully approved by the UK government’s Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), meaning you can take advantage of government funding including the Apprenticeship Levy.

Introduced in 2017, the Levy is automatically paid by companies with a staff wage bill of more than £3 million, and then topped up by the government to provide funding for apprenticeship training. Many companies are not taking advantage of the Levy which means they are missing out on money that is available to them.
Our programme not only provides learning to the apprentice, it also supports your business through the process of using the Levy. To find out more, click below.

What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

In summary, the basic facts of the Apprenticeship Levy are these:

  • The Apprenticeship Levy is automatically taken via PAYE if your annual paybill is £3million or more.
  • The amount taken is equal to 0.5% of the total paybill, with a £15,000 allowance to be offset against the total amount.
  • The funds are paid into a new online account that will be set up automatically for each company by the HMRC.
  • The government will top up your fund by 10% – so you receive £1.10 for every £1 you have put in.
  • The funds collected can then be exchanged for vouchers to spend with approved training providers.
  • You have 24 months to spend the funds that go into your account on approved training. And the government has been taking the funds from you for nearly a year already!
Why you should take advantage of the Levy

You are already paying into your Levy account through taxation, and that money is available to you to claim back. But not only that, the government top up your Levy funds by 10%.

In addition, where the total paid into the employer’s digital account does not meet the full costs of the apprentice training, the government will fund 90% of the additional costs, up to a funding band maximum. Essentially, you have significant funds available to you NOW. that if used correctly can create a skilled, focused workforce that will help lead your organisation into the future and make your business better.

The process isn’t easy, as many employers have found out, but that is no excuse not to utilise the Levy. Our programme includes online support to make managing the funds available to you easy, and ensure you get all the benefits of the Levy with as little of the complications and hassles as possible.

Time is running out.... but it's not too late

If you qualify for the Levy, you will have been required to pay it since April 2017, during which time the government will have topped it up. You have 24 months to spend it and after that, it’s gone, transferred by the government into apprenticeship schemes to support smaller organisations… some of which could be competitors to you.

But the good news is that once you have chosen your training provider, funds can be automatically diverted to the provider from your Levy account, reducing delays and using the funds more effectively. So there is still time to get the full benefit of all the funds available to you!

More about Babington:

Babington logoAs one of the UK’s top providers of government funded apprenticeship programmes, Babington has helped hundreds of organisations find effective, affordable ways to enhance their performance. They are regulated by Ofsted, and are a grade 2 training provider (with ‘outstanding’ features). Babington currently have 9 centres across the country, with nationwide coverage through a network of more than 100 field-based tutors and training advisors. Their tutors provide proven training methods to educate and inspire, and are available through a number of mediums: in person, over the phone, or 1-2-1 sessions online. Babington has a direct apprenticeship contract with the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), and will assist you with an appropriate grant applicable to your area. www.babington.co.uk

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