Our footprint in the region has expanded such that in the last year we have delivered programmes in many of the key territories such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and China. The two territories where we have spent most time are outlined below:

Hong Kong

The market in Hong Kong and mainland China is buoyant and growing and to cope with demand, we have established a very good network to service both global clients and increasingly to capture local business. We continue to deliver the award-winning FUSION programme for an international bank in Hong Kong and on the mainland.

We have also delivered programmes in local language for another major global client. FUSION is a highly pragmatic and business relevant, five module leadership programme. It immerses participants in an intensive development experience which constantly challenges them to raise the performance bar, both as individuals and within action learning teams, for the benefit of the organisation. During the programme, participants undertake projects that deliver a measurable and often substantial return on investment for the business.


IDG was invited by an international bank to help develop a learning curriculum for their Private Banking Executives (PBEs) throughout the UK, Europe and AMEA. The bank recognised that PBEs have a unique position in their ability to connect high net-worth individuals with business banking and additional services that the bank can provide. They have committed substantial investment to their ongoing development to ensure they have the skills and knowledge required to succeed.

Designed specifically to enhance an individual’s commercial, behavioural and technical skills, these sessions are delivered either by stand-alone workshops, or increasingly through blending direct contact with video conferencing and webex.

To deliver this philosophy our people are drawn from a spectrum of cultural backgrounds. We have academics, sports men and women, former military personnel and business people. Drawn together to form relevant client teams, this eclectic mix:

• Constructively challenges “perceived wisdom” and leads the debate on developing talent.

• Designs bespoke solutions that are tailored to the needs of the client.

• Takes pride in the quality of the end-to-end service delivered.

• Consistently delivers a measurable and sustainable return on investment for clients.

• Embraces technology, applying it to enhance the proposed solutions.

• Understands the cost of what we do but also the value we bring.

Learn more about the solutions we offer, the clients we are privileged to work with, and our unique relationship with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

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