IDG has had a presence in India since 2011, when we began working with a major international bank and a multi-national pharmaceutical company. As a result, we started our Indian office to develop relationships with large Indian-based companies who would like to explore some of the leadership concepts we believe in.

We opened our office in Pune which is close to Mumbai in August 2012 and have worked across India, particularly in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Ahmedabad. The IDG brand is now well-established in these centres, particularly in the financial services, technology and industrial sectors where we have worked extensively.


As an example, IDG India began work with an International Investment Bank in 2013. on two projects which involved ‘Bringing Teams Together’. As a result of excellent feedback and resulting behaviour change we were appointed as the preferred partner for Programmes for new and aspiring leaders. We since become involved in their more senior leader programmes around Stakeholder Management, Matrix Management and Personal Resilience. The high level of participant engagement in the organisation has led to successful development programmes and great learning experiences for 1000 plus delegates to date.

We have nine skilled Indian consultants who work with clients on various global projects in India and on IDG projects in other territories, ranging from short programmes helping employees understand the concept and practice of value based leadership to working with Top Talent on their Leadership Skills through long term developmental programmes. IDG has made a long term commitment to be in India and to become a helpful catalyst for long term organisational change and transformation.

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