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Global Collaboration, Local Relevance

IDG SA is a South African registered BBBEE level 2 company whose association with IDG UK means we combine the depth of knowledge and experience of our SA and African experts with those in UK, Middle East & India. Added to this is 200 years of excellence in leadership lessons to draw from through IDG UK’s unique partnership with Sandhurst.

Our strength lies in our ability to collaborate across the globe and take best practices from the “frontline” and translate them into solutions that are adjusted to the different geographical contexts. Our client engagement model is based on our belief that our relationship with our clients is most productive when held as a partnership. The model involves three steps which are circular in nature::

  • Discovery (understand the business need and potential)
  • Sourcing Solutions (collaboration with IDG-subject-matter-experts and draw from best practices with existing and past programmes from around the globe)
  • Delivering, Measuring & Optimising

Together, we have offices on 4 continents and have run programmes in over 27 countries around the world.

Our learning culture means we share learnings from “the frontline” from our around-the-world engagements with our clients.

About Our Flagship Programme

ACCELERATE: Internationally award winning Leadership Acceleration Programme – it has been registered as a certificated course with Da Vinci, and as part of Da Vinci faculty we offer this course to a cross-hierarchical, cross-functional group. Thus we maintain the great benefit of having different levels of leadership engaging together in Action Learning teams, contributing through projects to the organisation beyond BAU (business as usual) in a way that provides a measurable ROI.

Our Programmes

We offer a range of development experiences including traditional team building programmes, large scale multi-modular programmes, short interventions on key business issues and a selection of formally accredited programmes.

We use a range of tools from interactive board games to industrial theatre, Action Learning Teams to outdoor activities and business simulations. We combine this with blended learning opportunities and data analytics capability to create an opportunity for integration, learning and reflection on behaviour and performance.

  • Team Performance
  • Diversity
  • Women in Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Transitions in leadership

Unique and Outstanding Partnering Agreements

IDG continues to enjoy an exclusive partnering agreement with The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where some of our programmes are delivered and more importantly, where we are able to draw upon key leadership and team performance methodologies honed from over 200 years.

IDG SA is part of the faculty at the Da Vinci Institute (a South Africa university) where we deliver a certificated leadership acceleration learnership and are currently developing a Masters-level strategic leadership programme.

African Programmes

We have run values integration and multi-modular programmes in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Egypt.

Our People in South Africa

Dr Rejoice Ngcongo

Rejoice joined Inspirational Development Group (IDG) as an associate and South African based consultant in 2013. She and business partner, Joanne Walsh, ran teams delivering several programmes that formed part of international programmes, for IDG. In 2016 Rejoice and Joanne established IDG SA where Rejoice is responsible for talent development, our African associate team and involved in designing and facilitating a range of programmes.

Rejoice has held a range of roles over her 40 year career: high school teacher and later principal, social worker, university senior lecturer for 16 years and Professor of Education at the University of Zululand for 7 of the 16 years; Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Zululand for 4 years; Visiting Professor at the Universities of South Carolina, Latrobe and Victoria; founding Scholarships Manager at the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, Talent Development specialist and Human Resources Manager at Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

In addition to holding a PHD in Leadership and Conflict Resolution, Rejoice also holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Social Work, a High School teaching Diploma, a coaching certificate, an evaluation certificate plus other mentor certificates. She is an experienced and qualified facilitator and life coach.

Joanne Walsh

Joanne joined Inspirational Development Group (IDG) as an associate and South African based consultant in 2013. She and long-standing business partner, Dr Rejoice Ngcongo, ran teams delivering several programmes that formed part of international programmes, for IDG. In 2016 Joanne and Rejoice established IDG SA and Joanne was appointed MD.

Joanne is a qualified capital markets specialist. In the early 1990’s she began working on the bond trading desk of a South African firm selling South African government and quasi-government bonds to predominantly foreign investors. Her work in capital markets saw her based in the USA and Frankfurt before returning to South Africa. She obtained a qualification from the Securities Institute of London and traded on behalf of clients for several years as trader then director before starting a financial services company in Durban. After four years of building a solid business with several million dollars under management, Joanne sold this company to pursue her fascination in our ability as human beings to transform ourselves and therefore impact on the quality of our outcomes.

Joanne’s passion is to contribute to individuals, teams and organisations unlocking potential so that individually and in partnership with each other they can create response-able leadership, followership and performance excellence.

This passion has led Joanne to play a significant role as an intervention designer, trainer, facilitator and coach in various contexts from education, to international non-government organisations and commercial businesses. In addition she has experience as serving as board member and Chairperson on the Kairos Foundation Board – SA Board (an international NGO operating in SA) where she chaired the first fully operational board.

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