CMI Level 6 Qualifications

Aimed at Senior Managers and Heads of Department to enhance leadership abilities, build confidence, and benchmark you against international management standards

Become the leader you want to be

Studying with IDG gives you much more than a qualification. Our purpose is to go beyond supporting you achieve an Award, Certificate, or Diploma.

We offer you a leadership development programme, built to enhance, sharpen and even transform your capabilities and your impact. We do make sure it is relevant to your current role and organisation, and prepares you for the next step in your career.

We assign you a personal leadership mentor who will guide you through the challenges and tasks you must complete. Our mentors are experienced leaders, not just tutors – so they can advise you and make sure that you confront and overcome the dilemmas and challenges you will face.

Our programmes are designed to be totally flexible to your personal circumstances, lifestyle and work commitments. Study at your own pace – there is no timetable of lectures for you to attend, or milestones for you to hand in work.

Award, Certificate or Diploma?

The Level 6 qualifications in Principles of Management & Leadership are made up of individual units that can be combined to gain an Award, Certificate or Diploma.

Awards are a single-unit qualification focusing on a specific element or principle, such as Professional Management & Leadership Practice, and Innovation & Change.  If you complete three units, you will gain a Certificate. A Diploma is awarded after completing six units.

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For leaders who are Senior Managers, Operations Managers, Head of Department, etc

For leaders who are Senior Managers, Operations Managers, Head of Department, etc

Study in your own time, at your own pace

Study in your own time, at your own pace

Equivalent to a degree with honours

Equivalent to a degree with honours

22% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! <del>£1,795</del> £1,400 for an Award, <del>£2,845</del> £2,219 for a certificate, <del>£3,995</del> £3,116 for a diploma (all prices excl VAT)

22% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! £1,795 £1,400 for an Award, £2,845 £2,219 for a certificate, £3,995 £3,116 for a diploma (all prices excl VAT)

Benefits of a Level 6 professional qualification

  • Achieve an internationally-recognised qualification certified by the Chartered Management Institute.
  • Increase your confidence, skillset, understanding and employability.
  • Enhance your professional management and leadership practices.
  • Develop a broader knowledge of management skills while focusing on the specific areas appropriate to you and your workplace.
  • Drive business activities in a senior management and leadership role.
  • Access new ideas, concepts, tools and thinking – and learn how they can be applied to your own context.
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What is involved?

The programme is delivered using a multi-media approach that incorporates video, audio, scenario-based activity, mentor conversations, reading, watching and reflecting.

You will be set a series of ‘challenges’ that will ask you to consider key issues in principle and for your own organisational context. You will be required to draw conclusions, recommend and justify action, and generate real-life evidence of your thinking and approach for each challenge.

Your submissions will be sent to your designated mentor whose job it will be to guide you and ‘stretch and challenge’ you. Most other centres can’t do this, as they use tutors and people with minimal leadership experience who aren’t able to advise or stretch other leaders.

There is no exam or dissertation required: on successful completion of all the challenges and tasks, you will be formally assessed and put forward for the relevant qualification.

The general learning process is as shown.

How long does it take?

The answer to that question depends on what qualification you are taking, at which level, and how much time you have to devote to it.

We enable you to study at your own pace – there are no set timetables of study or lectures you have to attend,instead you learn at the speed that fits in with your personal circumstances. Typically, an Award takes around three months, Certificate about six months and full Diploma around 12 -15 months – though this varies according to the time you are able to dedicate to your learning.

What is involved?

What subjects do you offer?

Our Level 6 qualifications are currently made up of the following units, and we are adding units all the time. Complete one for an Award, two for a Certificate, and six for a Diploma.

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Unit 601: Professional Management & Leadership Practice

Unit 602 + 603: Developing, Managing & Leading Teams + Organisational Culture

Unit 605: Innovation & Change

Unit 613: Leading Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Unit 614: Principles & Practices of Ethical Decision-Making

We are an approved CMI centre

As such, our Level 6 programmes are assessed and qualifications awarded by the world-renowned Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

CMI is the only Chartered body in the UK that awards management and leadership qualifications, and the only body that awards Chartered Manager, the ultimate recognition of the professional manager.

Research has shown that holding a professional qualification can lead to an average additional earnings of £81,000 over a career for individuals, and that achieving a professional qualification makes individuals 9% more employable.

There are huge benefits for your organisation as well. CMI research shows that management and leadership development leads to 23% increases in organisational performance and a 32% increase in employee engagement. Chartered Managers on average deliver £391k of value to their organisations.

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We are an approved CMI centre

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