Case Study: Coaching for Performance


Coaching for a Leading European Energy Supplier


IDG was invited by a large international bank to develop and deliver a global programme for their management population. The client had identified that to develop a true performance culture required increased capability and confidence to conduct not just the formal stages of their performance process but more importantly on going “Great Conversations”. Part of the challenge was aligning the solution to fit culturally across the many different global stakeholders and participants. Coupled with this was the high degree of logistical and administrative service that was required, delivering solutions not only across the UK but Singapore, China, India, Lithuania and South Africa



IDG delivers a three-phase learning intervention. Phase One is a four hour module to engage, share best practice and identify key actions that each individual can commit to putting in place during Phase Two. The workshop is a mixture of input, discussion, group exercise and case study practice. To enable a powerful learning experience in a relatively short time we use two actors. Initially employing a technique called “forum theatre”, we are able to engage the group very quickly and get their involvement in distilling all the experience in the room. This learning methodology is a trusted approach to play out what great looks like, using the participants to identify ways behaviour can be improved. Seeing the results first hand of often relatively slight changes is incredibly powerful.

The facilitators encourage the participants to use a simple framework for preparing and conducting the great conversations. During the session we then address some individual realistic case studies and ask them in teams to plan and conduct a conversation with one of the actors. The immediate impact is the increased capability and confidence we are looking for.

Phase Two is a practical application where participants are encourages to not only put their commitments into action but also share their progress with their line manager, therefore having great conversations in both directions, We also find that the participants continue to use each other as a source.

Phase Three occurs four to six weeks later. Working with the same group, we explore their experience during Phase Two offering coaching and support. We then embed that learning before addressing the particular area of gaining and maintaining commitment. This then connects to the origin case studies in Phase One and we explore how to really build commitment when setting objectives and strategies to maintain that motivation. To manage both the cultural and logistical requirements of working across the globe we deploy our local capability partners in conjunction with our UK based teams. This means that we are able to deliver a really relevant and cost effective experience for those global teams.


” I feel I can tell my coach anything and although most of my time I am not even clear in my own mind what lies at the core of my issues, I always come away from our meetings with a clear idea of what it is I want and an action plan on how to achieve this” – Delegate

“ Training has helped to best manage self and team behaviours and understand the aspirations/ motivations drivers of the team members” –Delegate


Industry: Leading Energy Company
Location: Global (UK, Singapore, China, India, Lithuania and South Africa)
Duration of programme: Ongoing
Solution: Three-phase learning intervention