Team and Individual Coaching

Personalised development, improvement or problem-solving for you or your team

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Team and Individual Coaching

Personalised development, improvement or problem-solving for you or your team

Personalised coaching can help you or your team improve performance and deliver your goals. Whether it be finding business opportunities, dealing with challenges, meeting specific development needs, or simply a general desire to work better as a team or as a leader, an experienced coach will guide you in the right direction.

According to recent research by the DDI, personal coaching is the leadership development technique most desired by high-potential leaders. However, it is only the 8th most common type of development provided by organisations.

Therefore, having a coach available to you on-demand that can fit in with your schedule and circumstances is not only for many the most productive form of development; it can also provide a real competitive advantage.

IDG coaches are available from our consultant and associate pool. They have a wealth of personal and professional experience, from either the military, sport, or business – and in some cases all three.

They also have access to the IDG leadership development toolkit, which is relevant to leaders of all levels and all industries. Your coach will support, guide and challenge you, helping you reach the destination you have chosen.

IDG offers two types of coaching:

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Individual Coaching

Often refered to as Executive Coaching, IDG takes a non-prescriptive, participant led approach, makeing each coaching journey complex and entirely personalised. Sessions can be conducted face-to-face or online.

Below are examples of typical questions from our clients during the initial engagement stage:

  • I would like to understand how to maximise my potential and what may be blocking me from achieving it.
  • I am having difficulties with or have had feedback on a particular issue that I need to develop if I am to progress in my career.
  • I want to continue my personal leadership development but want a bespoke package that will fit in with my busy schedule.
  • I want to work on my personal resilience and emotional intelligence.
    There are people in my team who I need to have a difficult conversation with and I’d like to work with somebody on my communication and delivery.

  • I’ve noticed that motivation and morale in my team is a bit low and I’d like to understand how to improve it.
  • My team lack creativity, we’re very much all about delivering the here and now, but we’re not thinking about the future. I need some help with communication and framing.

Team Coaching

If you have ever thought: “as a team we could be better”, then a team coach can help you optimise performance. A team does not have to be dysfunctional or struggling to benefit for team coaching. it’s a recognition that better performance could be achieved and benefits gained with expert guidance.

Applicable to teams of all sizes and at all levels of the organisation, Team Coaching is particularly useful for newly formed executive teams, teams who believe a potential vs realistion gap can be closed or those whose structure has changed and require reconciliation. Our coaches can help you define the change and set a new direction.

Team Coaching is next-level team building: it can embed the right behaviours and characteristics in a way that a short team building course cannot.

Using a variety of tools and techniques Team Coaching can help with:

  • overcoming specific challenges
  • refocusing responsibilities
  • supporting creation of a clear, defined strategy
  • improving communication
  • developing trust
  • having productive conversations
  • innovative thinking

The Process

9lient Contact

IDG to engage with the client discuss the scope and approach.

Chemistry Meeting

Based on the initial contact and scoping exercise, IDG will provide two to three coach profiles to the client. A chemistry meeting is set up for the participant to get to know the chosen coach. Should the chemistry meeting not succeed, another coach is selected for a new chemistry meeting. Chemistry meetings are also designed to help identify a particular challenge or developmental requirement and determine expected outcomes.


Typically, six sessions lasting between 90 and 120 minutes are arranged and managed by IDG. The number of sessions is not prescriptive.

Closing Session

Review the coaching phase and agree on next steps (either additional sessions or closure)


In addition, for larger scale coaching programmes with mulitple engaged coaches, IDG can provide a tailored supervisory process run by a qualified supervisor. Supervision in coaching practise is an opportunity for coaches to reflect on their coaching and gain insights and support to continuously improve and develop as coaches.

The process of coaching supervision improves quality by continually raising coach awareness and this means the coaching relationship develops quickly and effectively to go beyond transactional or functional coaching to deeper transformative conversations. This enables people in organisations to develop a greater understanding of their relationships with team members, peers and stakeholders and adapt and adjust their own behaviours and styles of leadership and management to deliver better outcomes and ultimately individual and organisation levels of performance.

Next Steps

For more information, please complete the form below. A member of the IDG team will be in touch to discuss your requirements and how we can be of help.

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