Case Study: Commercial Excellence

A Leading Oil and Gas Industry


Our client wanted their senior engineers and project managers to start thinking holistically about the business rather than focusing entirely on the specific project on which they were working. They also wanted them to start thinking more commercially and be aware of the impact of their operational decisions on the profitability of both the project and the wider business. In addition, they sought to build effective multi-disciplinary teams ready to work together on live projects.



We worked with a selection of client staff to develop a bespoke business simulation to model the operation of projects within the business.  Teams of participants have to run projects-based businesses where they must bid for projects, service those projects profitably, grow their business and present their results to a panel of investors (a “Dragons Den”) with a view to obtaining additional funding.



The simulation was initially delivered within the UK business and has since been successfully rolled out into Europe and also Singapore with very positive effects. Thus far over 260 senior managers and project managers have been through the programme. This has not only created a critical mass of more commercially minded employees but also helped develop a sense of team working.



It is vitally important that all employees are fully aligned to the Company Core Values whilst focusing on delivering optimal performance on behalf of all stakeholders.  This game, superbly facilitated by IDG over several years, has allowed the Values of Safety and the importance of Teamwork, in achieving Project success, to be reinforced highly effectively, and in a fun, enjoyable but challenging and stimulating environment

I have no doubt that the game has significantly contributed to the ongoing success of our London Operations by enhancing overall business awareness whilst providing focused learning to participants on planning / decision making / risk assessment and commercial performance.  I would have no hesitation in recommending IDG to other businesses looking to drive project and organisational success


Industry: Oil & Gas
Location: UK, Netherlands and Singapore
Solution: Business simulation to model the operation of projects within the business rolled out to over 260 senior managers and project managers.