Interim Code of Conduct During the COVID19 Crisis



Interim Code of Conduct During the COVID19 Crisis

As a response to the COVID-19 crisis, IDG has instigated a specific Code of Conduct for our operations during this period. Below you can read the detail of how we are complying with government guidelines, and how we have developed our capabilities and services to reflect the new business situation.


IDG is strictly compliant with COVID-19 guidelines from all local governments in which we are present.

IDG also operates within its own strict COVID-19 Code of Conduct policy that covers:

  • The role of IDG as the employer
  • Remote working
  • Home schooling (for staff with children)
  • Regional nuances
  • Sick pay
  • Holiday
  • Travel

Capability Development

IDG is developing its capabilities to offer services remotely and digitally. This includes new services as well as the evolution of legacy services and products that can be transferred to the digital medium. These include, but are not limited to:

  • COVID-19 pulse surveys for clients who wish to understand how staff perceive the management of the crisis. This will include a report illustrating areas of strength and areas of concern for the business in question.
  • Bite-sized videos of how clients can deal with the many areas of concern thrown up by the COVID-19 crises, including mental wellbeing, resilience, remote working best practice, etc…
  • Online coaching and mentoring
  • Live interactive Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Recorded discussions between our own leadership consultants


IDG retains its operational capability and will be ready to return quickly and seamlessly to normal programme delivery as soon as the situation permits. IDG is committed to maintaining open and transparent communications with our clients in a supportive and constructive spirit.


IDG can offer flexible commercial terms that reflect the current challenges, enabling existing contracts to continue and new ones to be put in place.