Case Study: One Day Graduate Development

Induction Programme for a Global Bank


IDG was asked to design and deliver part of a graduate programme in the UK with the objective of raising the delegates’ awareness to the synergistic gains that could be made by working together, thinking long term, thinking commercially and “doing the right thing”. The graduates were all aged between 21 and 23 and were drawn from different regions of the world.

As part of an overall induction programme, IDG worked closely with the client to ensure that the right messages were delivered at the right moment in the context of overall business objectives and the induction programme itself.



Design and development of a one-day graduate workshop, preparation and production of materials, delivery of learning and facilitation of project teams.



IDG designed and delivered the one-day event based on the following objectives:

  • For the graduates work in diverse teams;
  • For the graduates to put into practice skills they will need for their roles – research, sales, financial analysis / management, presentation / pitching;
  • To incorporate an appreciation of the global aspect;
  • For the graduates to take part in activities that have competitive element;
  • To understand the strapline “Be Bold, Collaborate and Inspire.

Split into smaller cohorts, the sessions were designed to address the following:

  • Understand what leadership means to the organisation;
  • Understand the concept of effective followership – what do effective followers look like?  What type of follower are they?  What kind of followership do they want to employ?
  • Understand the concept of authenticity and personal brand – how does authenticity show? Why does it matter? What difficulties might one encounter?
  • Explore the role of personal values and how they interact with leadership and followership.
  • Understand how to collaborate in teams effectively and to be a positive team player.
  • Examine how to handle differences of opinion.



The Kirkpatrick results have been extremely encouraging and the balance of input, reflection and practical activities has enabled the delegates to engage with the programme and take away some key lessons for their future careers. The programme takes place every year. The size depends on the size of the recruitment drive. The programme consists of 1 day and will potentially grow to 2 days due to the success achieved thus far. The programme is in its 3rd year.



It was a new experience for us and we were quite enthusiastic about the entire idea of bringing diverse people together on a common platform. It was a great balance of individual development and team building. Being my first such experience, I really enjoyed the learning process and I look forward to more such programs in the future – Delegate

The 2 day training at Sandhurst was the most inspiring and challenging. There were adequate exercises for me to identify my weaknesses and how to improve on them. The leadership training was very helpful in helping me prepare for my roles in future.” – Delegate


Industry: Global Bank
Location: UK
Duration of programme: Two days
Solution: One-day graduate workshop