High Performing Teams

Our breadth of experience from business, sport and the military gives us a unique perspective on how to build and sustain a high performing team

For existing teams, we first measure the present state looking particularly at:

  • Group identity
  • Sense of shared purpose
  • Interdependence
  • Interaction
  • Sustainability
  • Ability to act together as one

We then develop the existing team (or a new team) to the desired state using:

  • A variety of approaches – drawing on analogies from the military, sporting and business worlds.
  • Experiential development – allowing people to experience high performance rather than just be told what it should feel like.
  • Thought and debate – looking critically at the experiential phase, drawing conclusions around the interplay of leadership, followership and partnership in teams.
  • An inspiring environment – such as the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst

Our facilitation team are highly engaging, often challenging and hugely experienced, but above all they are practical and pragmatic in their approach.

For example we worked with the Female UK Rowing Team who went on to win Great Britain’s first female rowing gold at the 2012 Olympics. Heather Stanning remarked:

“The session spent with the IDG at Sandhurst for the Women’s Squad of GB Rowing Team was invaluable in terms of emphasising the importance of the team as a whole and the understanding of individuals – and how each has their own approach to problem solving and leadership. The way that Leadership and Teamwork were highlighted was vital as they are so important in elite team sports. This is the challenge the coaches have: to get the best out of the athlete, and combining those athletes’ abilities to make the best possible team. IDG’s broad experience in these areas made the training great fun and perfectly aligned.”

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