K2 Climb 2016

Blog #34: Back at BC, waiting for a window

Day 34 – Basecamp Rest Day, 5000m

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The weather report says that summit winds are 75 knots today. However galling it was to have to come all the way back down the mountain, we definitely made the right decision. I slept though to 0730, and only awoke as the heat in my tent became unbearable in my sleeping bag.

As usual after a rotation on the hill, the first order of the morning (after breakfast of course) was a shower and a clothes wash. It was a lovely warm morning, and the washing water was almost scaldingly hot, and perfect to get a good lather on!

Not much else to report – we’ve got a new team (of 2 people) who’ve pitched their camp just below ours, but we haven’t managed to work out exactly who they are, and what they are here to do – more spying required – and I’ll update you as soon as I have more info!

As some arrive (although we don’t think they are actually here for K2), some leave – due to various reasons, but we reckon that at least four people who were on this last rotation who have either left BC this morning, or will be leaving in the next couple of days. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are several more who decide not to try to go up the hill again.

We’re going to be in BC for at least three or four days before we even think about going back on the hill, but now that we’ve slept at C3, we’re now just waiting for that decent window, in which we can try for the summit. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!


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