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As part of his 2018 expedition, Jake is proud to be raising money for his favourite charity, Walking With The Wounded (WWTW). He says: “I am immensely proud to raise money to help their ongoing support to Armed Service People who are transitioning back into civilian life. As a serving Army Reservist with friends throughout the Armed Forces – some of whom have had life changing injuries as a result of their service, I am acutely aware of the challenge for those leaving the bubble of the Forces and looking to get on with the rest of their lives.”

Ed Parker, CEO and Co-Founder, Walking With The Wounded: “What Jake is embarking on embodies the spirit and determination which is exemplified by the men and women we support. With Jake’s military background, he has first hand experience of those who we work with and we are delighted that he has chosen to use his K2 expedition to raise much needed funds for and awareness of WWTW.”

“Jake has been inspired to support us having seen the necessary work which we do – supporting the most vulnerable ex-servicemen and women who have found the transition out of the military challenging, through support with employment, mental health well being and social integration. We wish Jake the best of luck and we will be following him every step of the way up, and down.”

Previous expeditions run by WWTW (North Pole 2011, Everest attempt 2012, South Pole 2013, Walking Britain 2015) have been incredible and inspirational examples of the tenacity and determination of wounded service men and women.

WWTW is a charity established to support the employment our wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women, those vulnerable veterans disadvantaged by their service to achieve independence through employment.

Armed Service Personnel have spent years developing additional experience as teachers, trainers, engineers, nurses, mechanics, construction workers and truck drivers who have driven more miles in a day than any parcel carrier, to name just a few. In short, the experiences of today’s service personnel are as broad and diverse as in any workforce.

Many employers see teamwork, creative problem solving, multitasking, enthusiasm and initiative as key to their success. Our Veterans have these in abundance. With the support of businesses across the UK, we can help match this willingness to succeed with the needs of all types of employers.

WWTW recognises the inherent skills of our armed service personnel and wants to compliment these qualities, as well as provide support to transfer their skills into the civilian workplace. We offer assistance through our programmes to those vulnerable veterans who have been physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged by their service and assist them in gaining new long term careers outside of the military. This includes providing support to homeless veterans and veterans in the Criminal Justice System.

The outcome? Sustainable employment, and independence for them and their families.

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