The 2016 Expedition

The expedition commences on 11th June when Jake will fly out to Islamabad, Pakistan to meet the rest of the team that will be making the attempt to summit K2. There will then be a few days of sorting out supplies and making sure all their kit has arrived safely in one piece (fingers crossed). The team will then fly to Skardu, a town situated at the confluence of the Indus and the Shigar River, whilst the kit is driven by road.

Final preparations will take place in Skardu before a road trip to Askole, the last town before the Karakorum range of mountains, where K2 resides. From Askole, it is then a 7 day walk to Basecamp (BC) which is at 5,650m (18,650 feet).

After a day or two’s rest, the team will then begin acclimatisation, which involves climbing up to Camp 1 (6,050m / 19,965 ft), setting up rigging along the way, then coming back down to BC, resting, then climbing up to Camp 2 (6,700m / 22,110ft), then back down to BC, resting, then up to Camp 3 (7,200m / 23,760ft). Depending on the weather, the acclimatisation process could take anything up to 5 weeks.

Once Camp 3 has been reached, the team will then have to wait for the right weather window to strike out for Camp 4 (8,611m / 28,251ft) and then on to the summit at 8,611 metres or 28,251 feet.

The team consists of the leader, Di, Jake, Paul, Peter (all from Britain), Jean-Bernard (from Canada) Mingma and Phurba (Sherpas from Nepal) Fahad (Pakistan Army Liaison Officer), Gulam -(Guide to BC), Zulfi (cook in BC, who will have two assistants with him).

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