Leadership and Management Development

Our highly experiential development programmes strike a considered balance between theory and application

 We design bespoke leadership development programmes for leaders and managers at all levels, from early careers to board level, that improve behaviours and deliver measurable benefits to the organisation.

Through consultation with our clients, we identify their business needs and design solutions accordingly. We then deliver meaningful programmes in the language of the business, whilst capturing data that evaluate the impact on individual performance as well as the return on investment for the business.

Our programmes are intensive, participative, pragmatic interventions which draw from – and build on – our participants’ valuable collective experience and workplace realities.

We use carefully selected academic models to help delegates explore concepts and think about how they apply in their own world of work. These practical activities encourage and support behavioural change, creating a value to the individual and the organisation that we can measure using our analytical tools, thus providing a tangible return on investment to the client.

Much More Than a Training Programme

We begin every leadership development programme by telling the participants the following:

This is NOT a training course. It is an unashamedly intensive business and individual performance improvement programme for talented people who are looking for a unique opportunity to enhance their reputations by stretching themselves to make a measurable difference to their organisation.

Our programmes are far more than simple training programmes that tick boxes by listing skills. We are resolute in providing an environment where participants are challenged and consequently head back to their workplaces to improve their performance and that of their teams.


Core Principles

Designed to meet your specific needs, during our programmes we encourage reflection, discussion, debate and experimentation. As a result, no two programmes are ever the same.  At their core however, our programmes enable participants to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in three key areas:

Leadership, Followership and Partnership form the three pillars of what we do. Of the three, Followership is the most mis-understood. On our programmes we use established business theory, real-life examples and our own research to show that being an effective Follower is not a passive, undermining intent; rather it is a vital skill required in every organisation and in any effective leader.

The emphasis is on “effective”:  not following blindly like sheep, mindlessly agreeing like yes-people, or keeping our heads down like survivors.  Our programmes create Followers who spend their time actually being effective, creating value, challenging the status quo –  and enable them to help their direct reports, colleagues and managers to do the same.

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“There was a real focus on creating a positive learning experience where people wanted to develop and grow as leaders. This has led to sustained improvements and individuals continuing to focus on their leadership journeys.”

Michael MacLaren, Head of Business Banking Support, RBS

How We Do It

Our leadership and management development interventions take many forms but the most popular services are shown below. Click each to find out more.

Multi-Modular Programmes

Long-term, multiple-intervention programmes with a business improvement project element

Leadership Masterclasses

A suite of short, intensive interventions that focus on distinct development areas and offer modular compatability

High Performing Teams

Focusing on group dynamics and utilising our unique blend of experience from business, elite sport and the military

Team Offsites & Development

Inspire, engage and improve any team at any level or stage with a bespoke offsite development meeting

Leadership Team Away Days

Reinvigorate your team and your strategy with a facilitated development meeting at one of our prestigious partner venues

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Policy Centre

Please visit our Policy Centre to read our policies on Privacy, GDPR, Corporate Social Responsibility and Anti-bribery and Corruption.

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