Case Study: Leadership Development Programme


Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD)




A six-month multi-modular leadership development programme that demonstrates a range of different techniques and methodologies requested specifically to develop leadership behaviours.

LEAD offers a workshops and activities designed to provide participants with the skills, resources, and experiences necessary to become the future-ready leaders of the bank.

IDG provides 2 facilitators to run the programme in addition to applying other learning methods. Programme is also supported by psychometric surveys and an IDG online portal for information sharing (joining instructions, articles, videos, etc.) .

To ensure the effectiveness of the programme’s activities, LEAD conducts assessment sessions after each phase using diagnostic reports to address any improvement area proactively, promptly and systematically to ensure successful ROI.



Pre-programme activities:

  • Before the candidates embark on the programme, they will be asked to complete an MBTI or SDI survey in order to develop greater self-awareness as leaders.
  • Candidates are also required to complete a 360 degree online assessment of their leadership and both would be debriefed on the first module.
  • The programme features socialisation workshops to ensure their Line Managers fully understand the programme and the part they can play in setting the conditions for candidate’s success.


Module 1: Managing – self (2 days)

  • Understanding LEAD aims
  • Self-Discipline
  • Personal Brand
  • Reflection on psychometric surveys
  • Leadership styles
  • Practical coaching
  • Balancing leadership roles
  • Presentation skills

Module 2: Situational leadership (2 days)

  • Managerial activities and motivating
  • Communication, trust and emotional intelligence
  • Situational leadership
  • Effective delegation
  • Decision making
  • Fostering high performing teams
  • Diversity & Culture


Module 3: Performance management (2 days)

  • Coaching and motivating others
  • Conflict and difficult conversations
  • Managing poor performance
  • Managing for results
  • Recognizing stress, managing it
  • Collaboration
  • Assertiveness
  • Change Management


During Module 3, also 5 project topics of direct relevance to the bank’s business areas as determined by their senior leaders, will be presented to delegates. Research is required between Modules 3 and 4 in 5 Action Learning Teams (ALT) to be able to present recommendations for CEO consideration during Module 4 using a decision making model


Module 4: Strategic decision making (2 days)

  • Consolidate learning and action
  • Problem analysis
  • Personal development plan
  • Courageous leadership
  • Continuous improvement and forward planning
  • Inspirational leaders
  • Making a lasting positive difference to OAB

During Module 4, each ALT has to present recommendations for CEO consideration on the selected topics as presented during Module 3. Upon completion of (LEAD) Module 4, delegates will also be issued with a second 360 degree online evaluation.



  • Enhanced leadership effectiveness of delegates
  • Delegates better equipped to initiate and/or support major changes within the bank
  • Return on investment for the bank
  • LEAD programme extended



Industry: Banking
Location: Oman
Duration of programme: 6 months, 4x 2 day modules
Solution: Multi-modular leadership development programme