Case Study: Executive MBA Programme

Provision of leadership segment of a leading London Business School’s MBA Programme


A leading London Business School approached us in 2013 with a view to augmenting their full time MBA curriculum. With a focus on pure leadership skills, a three day residential course was designed and delivered for their 80 full time students.

The three days comprised a mixture of central presentations from a variety of experts, group tasks, and practical activities all with a common theme.

The Achieving Your Potential programme, delivered in partnership with Inspirational Development Group (IDG), helped students to build their knowledge and skills in effective partnership working, followership and leadership and has been successfully running, annually, since 2013.


The idea was to for the MBA students to have the opportunity to put leadership skills into practice in a variety of practical situations. The three day learning event was staged at the British Army’s world-renowned Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where cadets are introduced to key leadership principles such as creating clarity of purpose, building co-operation and maintenance of morale in challenging or ambiguous contexts.


The professional development team at the Business School designed the course in partnership with IDG experts, tailoring the programme specifically to meet MBA students’ needs.

Students engaged in plenary sessions about leadership theory, delving into the characteristics of effective leadership, the indicators of leadership potential and the process of building personal brand and positive politics.

In a series of outdoor group challenges students experimented with the theories and concepts they’d discussed, exploring their current leadership approach, trying new behaviours and receiving valuable feedback from their peers and IDG facilitators.


“The Achieving your Potential programme at Sandhurst was a great success. The opportunity for students to put theory in to practice, experiment with different leadership behaviours and receive feedback from the highly experienced coaches and professional development experts from IDG will prove to be invaluable. The programme supports our employability skills agenda and ensures that Cass will continue to produce highly effective business leaders.”

“‘IDG provided us with a great experience at Sandhurst. It was a good place to learn about leadership, following in the footsteps of countless army officers who had done just the same. We were encouraged to think of business leadership through a military lens which allowed the synergies between the two environments to become clear. There was a good balance between classroom based theoretical work and outdoor activity, culminating with an assault course challenge on the final day.”


Industry: Executive Education
Location: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Duration of programme: 3 days
Solution: Residential Programme