Management Fundamentals

A three-part programme for first-time managers of a UK-based food processing company

Design and delivery of a programme to give delegates a grounding in the fundamentals of managing and leading people for the first time.
One of the largest food processing companies in the UK, operating in a diverse and continually changing environment. Part of a dynamic market with a strong emphasis on supply chain management, sustainability, and stakeholder management.

In the face of regulatory changes, the company’s need for increased efficiency resulted in a radical re-think of its strategy and operating model to ensure their competitiveness in the future environment. To deliver this change, the company wanted to invest in its people and required a development programme for first-time managers that would make them empowered, engaged and confident to enable their direct reports to help deliver cost savings and efficiencies on the front line.




IDG designed and delivered a three module programme to take place over the course of five months specifically to fit in with the organisational operations cycle.

The first module, three-day residential intervention, delivered at the client’s premises, focuses on personal effectiveness. Subject matter experts introduce and develop theories with the participants before leading them in practical activities that apply the lessons learned in a group scenario. In addition, the psychometric tool the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) is used in conjunction with an online 360° feedback questionnaire to provide insight and feedback into the participant’s leadership and organisational performance.

The second module lasts two days and focuses on developing high performance in others – including an understanding of how to develop high performing teams, empowering others through coaching and dealing with difficult performance management issues. The programme was brought to life through the use of actors to role play these difficult, real-life scenarios.

The third, one-day residential module, looks at raising the personal performance bar and returning the investment made in them – here delegates receive their second 360° feedback questionnaire in order to mark their progress so far.

IDG utilises the four-part Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model to collect feedback on all programmes. The Kirkpatrick scores for this programme were:


I enjoyed all of the training but for me the most helpful part was the Drucker’s model to help focus on where my role should be.



Identifying my SDI…helps me to understand myself better and my peers for a good workmanship relationship.



Both facilitators were very professional in their approach and manner, very approachable and understanding.


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