Case Study: Core Management Skills

Leadership Programme for a Leading International Bank



IDG were invited by a leading, international bank to design, develop and deliver a global programme for 300 key managers leading large teams. This leadership programme embeds and sustains real improvements in the business and people management capabilities of managers based in the UK, France, Hong Kong and the USA. The programme was devised to meet an overall vision of “Changing the Bank” and gain commitment to drive a high performance culture consistently across the globe. This required participants to know how to optimise their own performance and personal effectiveness; integrate performance management into their daily lives, deal with under performance and motivate high performance; develop strategies to apply consistent “leadership and management toolkit” and behavioural model. The programme addresses the operational, command and tactical aspects of leadership as well as delivering on an individual, team and organisational basis.



Design and development of four step modular programme, preparation and production of materials and online extranet support, delivery of learning and facilitation of action learning teams, management and monitoring of work based cultural change projects. Programme administration, IDG tailored web-based 360 feedback survey design, reporting and processing, on-line Kirkpatrick-based evaluation questionnaires, reporting and processing, on-line Coaching Tracker to measure quality and effectiveness of internal coaching programme.



This was a challenging assignment for IDG as we were appointed after the original incumbent found it difficult to meet the client’s requirements. IDG was determined to deliver a programme which was rigorous and challenging, encouraged participants to stimulate their engagement and provided them with practical tools to sustain their learning. Fully interactive with 3 consistent facilitators for each cohort and 3 action learning teams. In practical terms, we delivered the programme in four sets of two day non-residential modules to 15 cohorts in UK, HK and NY. We supplemented this with 4 2-step coaching programmes for an internal cadre of 80 senior managers to act as coaches to the programme participants. By creating a parallel stream of development for this group, focusing exclusively on their coaching capability, we have equipped them with the skills to motivate and support the learning of their coaches. Our online tracker system supports this process and enables us to measure the effectiveness of the coaching. This has also led to a greatly increased use of coaching in the management practices of the bank. During the programme each action learning team developed and executed a work based culture change project.


A number of early projects have been taken up by later groups to build on their outcomes and consolidate their successes. 360 surveys have highlighted where strengths have been consolidated and development needs addressed. 100% of participants in some groups have utilised the coaching opportunities and many have given verbal feedback on the benefits they have gained from coaching. Kirkpatrick data gives a clear indication of consistently good reactions to the training, facilitator effectiveness and steady improvement on the impact and application of learning at work.



” The quality of IDG design and delivery, supported by excellent project management and technology capability has contributed immensely to our success in embedding and sustaining real improvements in our business and people management capabilities.Global Head of Learning and Development

Very useful content covering a range of areas, with some good exercises to teach key points. I am definitely learning new things about the way I manage and build teams around me, which I will be able to act upon and improve the service I provide to the bank.” – Client


Industry: International
Location: Global
Duration of programme: Ongoing
Solution: Global Programme for key managers leading large teams