IDG in the Middle East

Our work in the Middle East is centred around improving the performance of our clients
through the development of their people.

We have been working throughout the Middle East since 2001, with clients from both the private and public sector.

We design and deliver award-winning, high-quality development programmes aligned with the organisation’s goals, that deliver quantifiable business results.

Our main business improvement focus in the Middle East has been on:

  • Leadership Development
  • Work Ethics
  • Team Building
  • SME Development
  • Youth Development

Our programmes provide bespoke solutions for clients to address their specific performance and development needs whilst creating local capability. Adults learn by doing not listening. Therefore our style of facilitation is experiential, leading to measurable and sustainable change of behaviour.

Our Awards

IDG are very impressive. They bought into what we were trying to do and were passionate about delivering this. IDG have helped the team discover its leadership potential.

Senior Representative,
King Abdullah II Fund for Development

IDG’s consistent track record with The Crown Prince’s Training Programme for Youth has seen a further successful roll out for the sixth year.

Shaikha Marwa Bint Rashed Al-Khalifa
Court of the Crown Prince Training Programme for Youth

…best Away Day ever. The key element was the professionalism and focus that IDG brought to the event.

Peter Millett
Former British Ambassador, British Embassy, Amman

Our Clients

At IDG we see our clients as our partners and we are proud to have productive, ongoing relationships with highly respected organisations both in the public and private sectors.

Our programmes are tailored according to the particular needs of our clients. We are sensitive to cultural differences and our bespoke interventions are designed to address and overcome strategic needs within the business.

As such, we spend a lot of time at the beginning of any relationship understanding exactly what our clients are trying to achieve before designing a bespoke solution. This approach will ensure that the solution is consistent not only with the strategic objectives but also with the political and cultural environment in which the organisation operates.

Images from some of our programmes

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Our Work

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Core Offerings

Leadership Development

Leadership development is at the heart of what we do. Our approach is based on extensive experience and a firm belief that people cannot be “taught” to be leaders nor to act as a team. However, through a combination of well-designed and facilitated programmes they can be helped to understand, value and utilise their talents and hard-won experiences. Our challenge to all leaders who attend our programmes is simple: “why would anyone choose to follow you?” Providing people with a powerful (and personal) answer to that question requires a clear understanding of what leaders do and don’t do.

Coaching & Mentoring

We believe that coaching & mentoring should be a forward looking approach to facilitate another person’s thinking to help them to move forward and create change. It means helping another person to learn rather than teaching them. It is vital that coaching & mentoring are seen as an integral part of leadership and much of our recent work in this space has been developing managers/leaders within the client organisation to take on the role of coach in the workplace environment.


As the team is always more important than the individual, emphasising the importance of the team as a whole and the understanding of individuals are essential to create a shared identity and purpose. Teambuilding will enhance the ability to interact and act together as one team in order to improve internal and external processes.

360° survey

A 360° survey is a process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee’s manager, peers, and direct reports. Managers and leaders within organisations use 360 feedback surveys to get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. A 360 survey can also be a useful in developing people who are not in a management role yet.

Assessment Centre

In order to determine if individuals are suitable for a future role, the assessment centre is one of the selection techniques that can be used in organisations to measure the knowledge, skills & behaviour of a person. Assessment centres used to be more common for senior positions, but with the increasing number of applicants per role, they have become more common.

Student Benchmarking

To determine what percentage of students in programmes perform at what level, against what standards or compared with another group of students, student benchmarking is one of the techniques that can be used. Benchmarking is also useful in determining till what extend the programme has been successful.

Aspiring Women Leaders Development Programme

In order to nurture and promote more female leaders, this programme was developed. It provides insight to the skills and competencies required to become a female leader utilising personal professional growth, as well as other practical tools and guidance.

Train the Trainer Programme

The aim of this programme is a transition from traditional lecture-based, instructor-centred training to a dynamic, participant-centred, multi-sensory facilitation and experiential learning format. Learning how to transfer knowledge and skills efficiently and effectively and acquiring new techniques that will dramatically accelerate students’ acquisition of knowledge and skills. Becoming self-confidence in their field and subsequent improving morale and work satisfaction due high productivity results.

Youth Development

Work Ethics Programme

These programmes focus on three main elements. Firstly, personal discipline and developing individual understanding through self-awareness, actualisation and followership. Secondly on developing high performing teams and learning how to work within a team and effectively communicate with others and thirdly, gaining a better understanding of how leaders think, motivate, engage and lead others.

Problem Solving Programme
These programmes involve physical development and robustness, practical problem solving, proper planning, time pressure, briefing skills, individual and team discipline and a healthy competition.
Youth/Graduate Development Programme
The aim of these programmes is to enhance the capabilities and confidence of potential young leaders to empower them to become key players in the social and economic development of their communities.

Economic Diversity

Business Simulation and Leadership Programme
This programme demonstrates a range of different techniques and methodologies requested specifically to develop appropriate individual behaviours and teamwork in order to improve financial performance and better-developed organisational leadership within an organisation.

Employee Engagement

Full Programme
The aim of the programme is to improve welfare of 30.000 employees in its contractor community demonstrating ‘duty of care’ to staff and ensure full compliance with Omani labour laws. It is a ground breaking initiative focused on worker welfare, worker support and worker engagement with the aim of identifying and sharing best practice and raising standards.

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Currently, the IDG team in the Middle East consists of twenty staff covering the entire region, with programmes being delivered across the region from our dedicated offices in Oman, Jordan and UAE.

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