Multi-Modular Programmes

Our highly experiential development programmes strike a considered balance between theory and application

Driving performance requires both the development of individual leaders and the development of leadership – the collective approach to leading. In essence, successful organisations must develop individuals that create and drive sustainable business improvement.  

Our multi-modular programmes are much more than personal development programmes. Whilst they provide first-class, cutting edge leadership, followership and partnership skills and behaviours to individuals, each programme’s scope goes beyond that into organisational improvement. 

We work with each client to articulate their individual priorities – strategic, developmental and leadership – and use this understanding to create a programme of interventions that improve effectiveness and drive personal and organisational change. As a result, leaders act courageously and confidently, are agile and assertive in the single purpose of achieving the business strategy. 

Each programme is designed to harness the valuable collective experience and talent within the organisation and focus it on delivering excellence every day not only through enhanced personal skills, but also in closer networking, more effective team working, greater emotional intelligence, heightened commercial awareness and ultimately by helping create a culture of improvement.  One of the key elements is our commitment to experiential learning; this takes many forms on our programmes, and is most evident in the business improvement projects that are built-in as an intrinsic part of each programme.

These projects take real-life business problems and create innovative solutions that deliver financial benefits and/or cost reductions to the organisation. Our facilitators guide the delegates in utilising the new skills they have acquired as well as harnessing their existing collective experience and abilities. Consequently, there is a tangible and immediate ROI on our multi-modular programmes beyond the long term benefits of high-quality development of your people.   

In addition, we employ psychometric analysis techniques, including regular 360 feedback reporting, to monitor the development of individuals and the effectiveness of the programme and its facilitators.

These programmes are long-term, typicallylasting around a year, and consist of multiple modules that are usually residential. The exact make-up of the programme will depend on organisational requirements but what is consistent is the level of commitment required from all parties: ourselves as the designers and deliverers, the delegates who take part, and the stake holders within the organisation.  Bringing all of that together creates not only high-quality individuals, but a sustainable culture of improvement that consistently delivers on the organisation’s goals



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“There was a real focus on creating a positive learning experience where people wanted to develop and grow as leaders. This has led to sustained improvements and individuals continuing to focus on their leadership journeys.”

Michael MacLaren, Head of Business Banking Support, RBS

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We understand the value of teams, not only in the workplace but also on programmes. We create Action Learning Teams which focus on supporting and challenging their members throughout a programme as well as working together on Business Improvement Projects.

We know that teams will keep in touch to deliver their projects. We hope that they will keep in touch over and above that because they want to. Building high performance teams in the workplace faster than the competition is the way that you will build a world-class bank.

We believe that in order to be ‘High Performing’, a team must have the following components:

Commitment towards a common goal

  • Clear objectives
  • Clarity of roles
  • Pace and urgency

Focus on the Customer

  • Proactively understanding needs
  • Managing the relationship
  • Going the extra mile

Continuous improvement mindset

  • Develop individually and as a team
  • Optimise all resources
  • Regularly review actions and processes

Shared emotional intelligence

  • Develop deeper understanding
  •  Apply sensitivity
  • Mutual encouragement 

Inspirational mentality

  • Leadership
  • Followership
  • Partnership

Courage of their convictions

  • Risk taking
  • Asking for forgiveness not permission
  • Decisiveness

Always mindful of morale

  • Celebrate success
  • Reward and recognition
  • Fun and motivation

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Please visit our Policy Centre to read our policies on Privacy, GDPR, Corporate Social Responsibility and Anti-bribery and Corruption.

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