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Improving performance through behavioural change
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Inspirational Development Group

Improving performance through behavioural change
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What We Do

We help your organisation achieve its strategic goals by developing the behaviour of your people. We design award-winning, bespoke development programmes that promote and provide leadership skills and deliver measurable benefits to your business.

We work with every level of your organisation, from graduates and apprentices through middle management, right up to and including members of the board. We capture data relevant to your business that helps you review the health of your organisation, find out the potential of your people as well as evaluate the impact of our work.

Our Services

Leadership Development

Bespoke programmes that improve behaviours while delivering measurable benefits to your organisation

Early Career Programmes

Inspire your graduates, apprentices and high potentials with memorable, exciting induction events and programmes

Commercial Excellence

Unique business simulations that help your people understand the financial implications their decisions have on the business

Executive Coaching

Get one-to-one personal development for you, or work on making your team better with one of our highly experienced coaches

People Analytics

Get to know your people and your business better with our powerful data capture and analysis service

IDG and Sandhurst

IDG is the only commercial leadership development consultancy to have a partnering agreement with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the world-famous centre of leadership excellence.

We share the same principles and values, use many of the same methodologies, and have access to the academy grounds and facilities to deliver our unique programmes.

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The opportunity for students to put theory into practice, experiment with different leadership behaviours and receive feedback from the highly experienced coaches and professional development experts from IDG will prove to be invaluable. The programme supports our employability skills agenda and ensures that Cass will continue to produce highly effective business leaders.

Head of Professional Development, Cass Business School

FUSION is a change the bank programme, we have saved more money than it has cost to run this programme by a factor of 5, but we’ve also changed the culture of the bank. I’ve been on courses before FUSION which were labelled as management development type programmes and it wasn’t the kind of thing that left me buzzing. I remember going on Facebook the day after I finished FUSION and saying I’ve had a life changing experience. It was 8 years ago for me, I still feel I’m applying the learning I’ve had every day since then, and the value of FUSION just grows and grows.

Global Head at a leading international bank

IDG executed a superbly well received and thought provoking two days which asked our Graduates to consider their approach to the world of business from the view point of, firstly, being an effective follower before they consider themselves as leaders. The programme has served as a vital element to the core Graduate journey at the early stages of their career.

Delegate, Centrica Graduate Programme

We had a tough and rigorous 3-days on the IDG Business Challenge. We were able to run the business in a safe situation, learn from our mistakes, recognise when we should be challenging each other especially our wider stakeholders and most of all work with others we don’t usually interact with on a daily basis. We also became very aware of our learning and development needs from a Senior Leadership Team perspective. Great activity and very stimulating. Thank you to the facilitators for their expertise in communicating finance in such a simple fashion... turning complexity into an easy learning experience.

Middle East Electricity Company


Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Commandant’s Parade

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Commandant’s Parade


7th April 2020, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
If you are considering a development programme for your organisation, you can attend the Academy and this exclusive event as our guest.


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Please visit our Policy Centre to read our policies on Privacy, GDPR, Corporate Social Responsibility and Anti-bribery and Corruption.

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