IDG Nigeria

We are proud to work with Nigerian organisations in constructing leadership development programmes both in Nigeria and at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

IDG Nigeria

We are proud to work with Nigerian organisations in constructing leadership development programmes both in Nigeria and at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Our work in Nigeria has been focused around raising participants’ leadership capability and providing a heightened awareness of how leaders can improve their organisational and team performance by changing their leadership behaviour.

Our experiential learning model provides a mix of theory, reflection and a chance to practise leadership behaviour through a number of tasks and activities. It is a pragmatic approach to changing behaviour in order to improve performance.

IDG Projects Nigeria has offices and executive representatives in both Abuja and Lagos. Our clients in Nigeria benefit from the opportunity to hold their programme at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK or at home. IDG’s partnering agreement with Sandhurst gives us exclusive use of the Academy’s inspiring facilities and grounds and access to over 200 years of leadership expertise and experience.

Programmes can be held both at Sandhurst and in Nigeria dependent on the needs of the client. We are currently delivering programmes to the Petroleum Equalisation Fund and looking to expand our portfolio across all sectors, including Youth Programmes.

The depth of experience of IDG’s consultants, whose backgrounds are either from the military or commercial sectors enable them to design and deliver bespoke training programmes for a wide variety of clients from a broad range of commercial sectors.

Watch the film below to learn more about the Transformational Leadership Development Programme we recently ran for Petroleum Equalisation Fund Nigeria.

Our relationship with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

IDG’s partnering agreement with Sandhurst gives us exclusive use of the Academy’s inspiring facilities and grounds. More importantly it enables us to access over 200 years of learning on leadership and embed that learning in our development programmes.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is the centre of excellence in leadership for the British Army. Every British Army officer since the 1800’s has received their training in leadership skills and behaviours within its grounds. Sandhurst has a global reputation: four reigning Arab monarchs are graduates of Sandhurst and its affiliated colleges – King Abdullah of Jordan, King Hamad of Bahrain, Sheikh Tamim, Emir of Qatar and Sultan Qaboos of Oman.

Award-winning Leadership Development Programmes

Our Work

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Core Offerings

Leadership Development

Leadership development is at the heart of what we do. Our approach is based on extensive experience and a firm belief that people cannot be “taught” to be leaders nor to act as a team. However, through a combination of well-designed and facilitated programmes they can be helped to understand, value and utilise their talents and hard-won experiences. Our challenge to all leaders who attend our programmes is simple: “why would anyone choose to follow you?” Providing people with a powerful (and personal) answer to that question requires a clear understanding of what leaders do and don’t do.

Coaching & Mentoring

We believe that coaching & mentoring should be a forward looking approach to facilitate another person’s thinking to help them to move forward and create change. It means helping another person to learn rather than teaching them. It is vital that coaching & mentoring are seen as an integral part of leadership and much of our recent work in this space has been developing managers/leaders within the client organisation to take on the role of coach in the workplace environment.


As the team is always more important than the individual, emphasising the importance of the team as a whole and the understanding of individuals are essential to create a shared identity and purpose. Teambuilding will enhance the ability to interact and act together as one team in order to improve internal and external processes.

360° survey

A 360° survey is a process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee’s manager, peers, and direct reports. Managers and leaders within organisations use 360 feedback surveys to get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. A 360 survey can also be a useful in developing people who are not in a management role yet.

Culture Strengthening

“Corporate culture rests in distinctive capacities and incapacities that are built into the attitudes and approaches of organisational members. Culture is not something that can be measured on a scale because it is a form of lived experience.” Images of Organisation – The Executive Edition, Gareth Morgan, 1998

The frames of reference of culture, organisational identity and change are imperative to designing the most impactful change process.

With this insight on culture, these guiding principles underpin our approach to culture change / strengthening:

  1. Culture and subcultures co-exist within one organisation
  2. Culture is a daily lived experience and displayed through behaviours
  3. Culture is ever-evolving

Many organisations attempt change not realising they are also asking for individuals to change ‘who am I’ in this context. It is with these principles in mind that we design culture and change management programmes often in complex environments ensuring organisational culture is coherent, unique (or differentiated) and enduring.

This is the penultimate step toward improving your performance, growing and retaining your high potential people.

Aspiring Women Leaders Development Programme

In order to nurture and promote more female leaders, this programme was developed. It provides insight to the skills and competencies required to become a female leader utilising personal professional growth, as well as other practical tools and guidance.

Youth Development

Work Ethics Programme

These programmes focus on three main elements. Firstly, personal discipline and developing individual understanding through self-awareness, actualisation and followership. Secondly on developing high performing teams and learning how to work within a team and effectively communicate with others and thirdly, gaining a better understanding of how leaders think, motivate, engage and lead others.

Problem Solving Programme
These programmes involve physical development and robustness, practical problem solving, proper planning, time pressure, briefing skills, individual and team discipline and a healthy competition.
Youth/Graduate Development Programme
The aim of these programmes is to enhance the capabilities and confidence of potential young leaders to empower them to become key players in the social and economic development of their communities.

Commercial Excellence

Business Simulation and Leadership Programme
This programme uses business simulations to help people from all areas of the organisation to better understand the commercial consequences of their operational decisions. It demonstrates a range of different techniques and methodologies, based upon the needs of the client, to develop appropriate individual behaviours and teamwork. This results in improved financial performance and better developed organisational leadership.

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Employee Engagement

Root Cause Diagnostics and Reporting
The IDG Employee Engagement model combines technology (live voting), interviews, workshops and intense discussion groups to engage employees and management on the human drivers, process and management issues impacting performance.

Pre-identified key issues form the basis of the design of the survey and interview questions to ensure the collated data and information accurately determines the failures and issues impacting performance.

This culminates in detailed reporting which includes recommendations around processes, change management and human drivers which will turn around performance.

Supply Chain Performance Solution
A ground- breaking, large scale employee engagement big-data programme as applied to industry wide worker welfare and engagement.

This industry-first intervention, leverages key worker metrics gathered from 30 000 employees, culminating in quantitative benchmark analysis relative to highest and lowest industry scores with detailed route cause analysis to determine reasons for gaps and customised recommendations for each participating organisation. The results are communicated via debriefs and coaching with management teams of participating supply chain companies, to share best practices and provide tools to resolve problems.

Now in its 3rd year, the participating companies are evidencing year-on-year improvement with IDG’s bespoke survey technology and methodology.

Our People

Richard Westley OBE MC

International Adviser
Richard Westley OBE MC

International Adviser

Richard Westley is International Adviser for IDG's business in Europe, Africa, Asia and SE Asia. Richard was formerly the Director of Programme Development at New Century. Prior to that he was the Sales and Marketing Director for Thales’ Managed Services business.

Richard served for 26 years in the British Army, commanding soldiers at every rank up to and including Colonel. He led infantry soldiers on operations in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania, and on three tours of Afghanistan. His final role in the military was commanding the organisation which trained all soldiers and Royal Marines for operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. He specialises in keynote talks on leadership in extreme and complex environments.

Richard has worked with a commercial and pharmaceutical sectors and with major consultancies and public bodies, mentoring at Director and Board level.

Richard was awarded a Military Cross for gallantry and leadership in Bosnia in 1996 and made an OBE for gallant and unswerving leadership in Afghanistan in 2007.

Moses Saromi

Associate Director
Moses Saromi
Moses Saromi
Moses Saromi

Associate Director

Lulu Iroabueke

Associate Director
Lulu Iroabueke

Associate Director

Lanre Bamgbose

Associate Director
Lanre Bamgbose
Lanre Bamgbose
Lanre Bamgbose

Associate Director

Lanre Bamgbose is a Business Development and Marketing Management executive with experience across various economic sectors. Lanre is responsible for IDGs Strategy, Growth and Development within Nigeria and West Africa.

He was at various times, Head of Commercial at the Landover Aviation & Allied Business, Marketing Manager AfricaOne Airlines and he rose to become the Associate Vice President, Business Development for a major Nigerian airline.

Images from some of our programmes

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