Improving Worker Welfare in the Oil & Gas Industry in Oman

A large-scale, long-term diagnostic survey with facilitated sessions to engage with organisations in a vast supply chain that improved working conditions and business performance

Improving Worker Welfare in the Oil & Gas Industry in Oman


A major oil and gas company based in Oman required a work citizenship programme for employees across their extensive supply chain due to industrial relations issues.

The project required obtaining feedback from the employees, creating a bespoke reporting system, and subsequently designing meaningful interventions to deliver improvements.

There were significant challenges involved in delivering the project, including multiple languages and varied levels of literacy amongst the employees, and huge logistical challenges in covering a vast geographical area in harsh, remote conditions.

Our Solution

IDG proposed an innovative and extensive employee survey solution, with questions specifically designed to assess worker welfare, and a reporting system that would enable the client to keep workers and management engaged.

The proposal was successfully piloted across 20 contracting companies, before being successfully rolled out across the length and breadth of Oman.

Key worker metrics included Health & Safety, Human Resources, Medical, Operations, Training & Development, Values and Worker Welfare to determine priorities for change.

The assessment method and process involved skilled two-man teams visting each site, no matter how remote, and presenting 61 research statements to the workers there. Surveys were conducted in groups of up to 200 workers at a time, with data captured anonymously on wireless, handheld devices. Results were collated in real-time, then reports compiled and transferred to the client within 24 hours in most cases.

Our Solution

The Results

The reports were designed for each CEO/MD and Head of HR, for each of the contractor companies. The reports include quantitative benchmark analysis on key worker metrics relative to highest and lowest industry average scores. Detailed root cause analysis and explanation of the identified gaps along with customized recommendations for each organization were developed to enable them to measure the key areas for future improvement.

An overall report on the welfare of workers, collated from the 200 organisations, was prepared for the client and formed the benchmark standards in the industry.

Consequently, a coaching programme with each contractor company was facilitated to share best practices and provide tools to enable them to resolve problems and close the gaps.

All 200 companies were willingly engaged and are now developing action plans to address areas of deficiency. Contracting companies will have their action plans measured over the next three years, with the data survey planned annually, to measure the real effect of their planned improvements.

Several of the participating companies have now initiated more specific interventions with IDG to accelerate excellence, above and beyond, within their individual organisations.

The Results


“An industry first – great opportunity to learn and make a difference. As we move forward, we will seek to assist and drive improvements in the socio-work-ethical environment in our contractor community. We believe this will support our business and the contractor community in addressing key issues arising through gaps or lack of care and engagement/listening – and help to raise performance standards in the contractor community. We want to use PRISM as one of the tools to regularly assess gaps, opportunities and best practice in support of change management and a high-performance environment.”
Managing Director of the Client


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