Business Simulations

Using experiential learning to make strategic decisions in a safe environment 

IDG Business simulations are experiential learning, providing colleagues the opportunity to respond to high intensity challenges.  Business simulations build the capabilities needed for exemplar strategy execution. They create a deep sense of ownership for the strategy motivating action back in the workplace.   IDG’s business simulations are typically board games which involve participants working in small teams, often in competition with each other.

We see increasingly more and more companies turning to simulations to help build strategic alignment and execution capability when faced with one or more of the following business challenges:

  • Implementing a new  strategy.
  • Driving innovation and strategy execution.
  • Improving commercial awareness and business acumen.
  • Designing and transforming operations into business results.
  • Focusing leadership development on front line operations.
  • Embedding culture change aligned with strategy.

Within minutes of being placed in a simulation colleagues are wrestling  with risks,  issues and decisions they must make. A year can be compressed into a day. And competition among teams spurs engagement, invention and discovery.

IDG’s Board simulations are a unique and highly effective experiential approach to learning: they place colleagues in real life, problem-based scenarios. The most effective board simulations are customised to the client and industry. We also offer a broad suite of industry specific simulations that may be adapted to specific client needs.

Through the program, teams of four to six colleagues manage a simulated company and practice real-life decision making in a safe environment.  Colleagues receive feedback and analysis of the outcomes of their decisions and strategies. To maximize impact and relevance for colleagues the simulation can be tailored or highly customised to the client’s business and strategic priorities.

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