Inclusive Leadership

We approach Inclusion and Diversity from two angles: ‘Championing Change’ and ‘Aspiring Female Talent’

Why Inclusion?

Research into effective diverse workforces shows that it’s the environment created by an organisation’s leadership that enables its employees to perform to the best of their abilities

Organisations that nurture inclusive cultures, where all voices are heard and all perspectives considered, enjoy improved levels of productivity, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Inclusive Leadership

Today’s global marketplace requires a more diverse workforce – one that can maximise its’ collective experience to create competitive advantage. This in turn places fresh demands on leaders to create a working environment where difference can flourish and everyone can bring their best game to work every day.


Improved Performance and Productivity


Increased Motivation


Improved Collaboration


Improved Innovation and Creativity

Inclusive leaders must commit to the development of diverse talent pipelines and, above all else, have the moral courage to challenge and break down barriers. Our workshops approach Inclusion from two angles: Championing Change and Aspiring Female Talent.


Championing Change

Our Championing Change workshops can be tailored to suit individuals or teams and focus on personal, departmental or strategic behavioural change. Our workshops will help you explore how to:

  • Value difference in the workplace
  • Develop and nurture inclusive behaviours
  • Champion and initiate cultural change
  • Enhance your ‘Leadership Shadow’; this is a new concept of reflecting on leadership in a way that would develop and encourage gender equality. If we want our leadership to make a difference, we must understand our own impact — the shadow we cast. The challenge is that it is hard to see our own shadow — its shape, clarity and reach.

The path to lasting performance improvement on any priority — like gender balance — starts at the top. What we say; how we act; what we prioritise; and how we measure together determine what gets done (and what doesn’t).

“Diversity is the mix,
Inclusion is making the mix work”

Andrés Tapia, best-selling author of “The Inclusion Paradox”

Aspiring Female Talent

Nurturing and empowering female talent requires specific skills. Our ‘Aspiring Female Talent’ programmes are designed for individual talent strengthening and strategic considerations around managing inclusivity in talent pipelines. Our workshops will help you to explore how to:

  • Strengthen brand, reputation and confidence
  • Develop powerful networking skills that mitigate bias and stereotyping
  • Develop strategies to ‘change the game’ and challenge cultural norms
  • Exercise ‘The Leadership Gym’ by stepping up to the plate

Our practical approach to changing behaviour will help your leaders find new ways of working that will break down barriers and maximise the investment you make in your people. Talk to us about how we can help you develop the qualities needed to make your organisation more inclusive.

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