Leadership Development

Leaders are made, not born. Our programmes embed the behaviours of effective leaders through a combination of learning, practice and feedback

Becoming an effective leader is something you choose to do through a process of action and self-discovery. Consequently, our leadership programmes are very much about constant practice, feedback and common sense.

They are unashamedly intensive, extremely participative and very pragmatic interventions which draw from – and build on – our participants’ valuable collective experience and workplace realities. Interspersing group action learning, coaching and facilitated discussions, they include honest, on-going reviews and a powerful series of outdoor activities and business simulations.

Our interventions are designed for high-achieving organisations and individuals who have a firm belief in the principle that “you don’t have to be sick to want to get better”. We want to remind our clients about how good they are, and we want them to see our workshops as memorable business and individual performance improvement programmes – not “just another boring training course” that they feel that they have been sent on “to be fixed.”

If you believe, like us, that “leadership is a privilege and not a right”, then it follows that you will also believe that leadership development is also a privilege and not a right. Consequently, our programmes demand 100% commitment to applying lessons learnt back in the workplace and we are not coy about constantly reminding our participants to ask themselves this question:

“Do I have a burning desire to make measurable and visible improvements in my leadership behaviours, and am I really prepared to get out of my comfort zone and go the extra mile to take this unique opportunity to develop my own capabilities and make a positive difference to my organisation?”

Those people who do have that burning desire and who really will get out of their comfort zone and go that extra mile can expect to have had the time and the opportunity to:

  • Channel their hard-earned, real-world experience into making a positive difference for themselves, their colleagues and their organisation.
  • Recognise that leadership and followership are two sides of the same coin and that skill and flexibility in their approach to both will generate better personal confidence and business results.
  • Rediscover what it feels like to work in a high-performing team and have the tools and the ability to re-create that feeling again back at work at any time in the future.

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