Joanne is Managing Director of IDG SA, having joined IDG as an associate in 2013 and delivering several programmes before IDG SA was established in 2016.

Joanne is a qualified capital markets specialist. Her work in capital markets saw her based in the USA and Frankfurt before returning to South Africa. She obtained a qualification from the Securities Institute of London and after several years trading, started a financial services company in Durban. After four years of building a solid business with several million dollars under management, Joanne sold this company to pursue her fascination in our ability as human beings to transform ourselves and therefore impact on the quality of our outcomes.

Joanne’s passion is to contribute to individuals, teams and organisations unlocking potential so that individually and in partnership with each other they can create responsible leadership, followership and performance excellence.

This passion has led Joanne to play a significant role as an intervention designer, trainer, facilitator and coach in various contexts from education, to international non-government organisations and commercial businesses. In addition she has experience as serving as board member and Chairperson on the Kairos Foundation Board – SA Board (an international NGO operating in SA) where she chaired the first fully operational board.