Lance is IDG’s Director of UK, with responsibility for all IDG business originating out of the UK. His focus is on building and maintaining our wider UK business and leading the UK team to deliver our award-winning client programmes.

Lance has been with IDG 12 years and has extensive experience of leadership development on a personal and organisational scale. He has delivered countless programmes including First Line Managers up to the Board of a major International Construction Firm, designing their “Leadership Charter.” He has implemented Cultural Change programmes and is carrying out major projects on Values-based leadership for substantial financial institutions. Lance has also worked on Change Implementation with the distribution arm of one of the UK’s most-respected retail outlets.

Lance is a former Infantry Officer in the British Army who served for 10 years. His time in the Army included operational tours of Northern Ireland and Bosnia, a tour of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and 2 years working as an Equerry to The Duke of York. His time in Southern Africa was as a Training Advisor to the newly-formed Armed Forces of Mozambique, where he was responsible for the training and rehabilitation of 100 Civil War veterans.

He was an instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for 2 years. Lance also has a degree from Sheffield University in English and Film, and is a licensed practitioner of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Index, and MBTI qualified.