Case Study: High Performance Teams Programme

Project Harmony for a Global Banking Organisation


IDG were invited by a global banking organisation to deliver a high performance, global team programme. This is a tailored IDG product called ‘Project Harmony’ which looks to develop high performance in geographically or functionally dispersed teams. The team was working on a global project that had very tight timescales and was being delivered by a team that had worked together before but had never quite hit the mark of high performance. The need was pressing as the project they were working on was high value and client facing.



Design and development of a 2-days programme, preparation and production of materials, delivering of learning and facilitation of team exercises, programme administration. IDG were invited by a global banking organisation to deliver a high performance, global team programme. 



IDG delivered a two day residential programme to bring the team together and build them quickly yet effectively through the team development curve.  After working with the team leader and carrying out a set of diagnostic meeting, we realised that overcoming the interpersonal barriers to working in a geographically dispersed environment was an important factor in developing performance.  We used the Strengths Deployment Inventory to develop understanding within the team and ran experiential team development activities to break down barriers.  This team faced a back office/front office split and there was significant historical precedent that lead to negative perceptions from both sides.  These were broken down in a challenging yet safe facilitated session that overcame those perceptions and built common understanding.  The team went away having developed a culture, understanding their mission and deliverables and focused on being mutually accountable for their outcomes.



I went with a very open mind as to what I would get out of this training and I have walked away pleasantly surprised. It was all brought into the real world with clear understanding of all the theories being brought to life. There was a great mix of classroom and outdoor activities. I was very much “up” for this and gave 110%. By doing this I have got a lot out of it. – Delegate



Industry: Financial Services- Banking
Location: Global
Duration of programme: Two days
Solution: High performance teams