Team Offsites & Development

Inspire your team with a bespoke offsite development meeting

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Team Offsites & Development

Inspire your team with a bespoke offsite development meeting

A team goes through many stages in its life cycle. Initially it must develop quickly to become a connected, high-performing unit. Then it must continue its development journey by responding effectively to change. When things go wrong & a team becomes dysfunctional, it needs help to get back on track. IDG can support the whole of your team life cycle.

New Teams

Getting Started Right

Get your new team off to a flying start! Accelerate the time usually required for a new team to naturally form close bonds with a 1 or 2 day team development event with IDG. We will tailor your session to include a range of behavioural improvement techniques including experiential and cerebral learning, psychometrics testing, physical and mental problem-solving activities as required. The team can be a newly formed team or one which is the result of a merger. Team development events can either be held at your offices, a venue of your choice or we can offer exclusive civilian access to the world-renowned Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).

Strategic Planning Offsites

Galvanising your Team

At different times in the life cycle of an effective leadership team there will be a need to re-group and plan for the period ahead. There are natural annual & quarterly planning cycles as well as other ad hoc reasons to take stock and prepare.
For example, assisting the team to plan for the launch of a new strategy following a period of change or restructuring. We know that Strategic Planning Offsites are more effective if carried out away from the distractions of the home office. IDG will host you at RMAS, the perfect venue for your team to focus and be inspired by 200 years of leadership development history.

Employee Engagement

From ‘OK’ to ‘Great’

A sudden decrease in Employee Engagement scores or a real need to increase engagement within a team or area can be another motivation for a leadership team development session. Tailored to your specific needs, a psychometric can be used to help the leadership team identify potential blockages / root causes, and subsequently design pragmatic and effective ways forward. IDG’s facilitators can assist in shaping how to handle these crucial next steps with the wider team or business. This may also include coaching the leadership team or specific individuals as needed.

Team Reset

Refreshing the Dynamics

Over a period of time a team can stagnate and relationships start to deteriorate. This can happen for a number of reasons including personality clashes, misunderstandings and entrenched conflicts. IDG’s experienced facilitators act as an impartial third party to facilitate your session. We can also provide 1-to-1 coaching for individuals as a follow-up if required.

“Our offsite and team building went so much better than I could have ever hoped.

“The two days spent on us and how we can work together most effectively really created lasting bonds. It really set us up for the next day focusing on our many business challenges and I’m sure will help us act like one team far more quick.”

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