Noor joined IDG in 2015 as a consultant for the Middle East. Her responsibilities are to help build a world-class regional brand synonymous with leadership development programmess that achieve sustainable behavioural change. Specifically Noor engages in strategic business development, as well as programme design and facilitation.

She is an executive and certified coach with The Coaching Training Institute; CTI. She has years of experience in facilitation and programme design on self-development and youth empowerment.
Noor is well travelled, having been born in Jordan, raised in Spain and then completed her education in the United States which has helped her embody a multi-cultural perspective. She has a degree in Political Communication and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Positive Leadership and Strategy in IE Business School, Madrid. Noor speaks five languages; English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Farsi.

An entrepreneur and a pioneer in the field of positive leadership in the Middle East, she is an active member in various organizations such as the ICF (International Coaching Federation), MELA (Middle East Leadership Academy) and The Institute of Coaching which is affiliated to McLean Hospital.