Case Study: The FUSION Programme

Intensive, year-long, residential Leadership Development Programme for a Global Bank with project element achieving substantial measurable ROI


FUSION is a highly-intensive year-long global leadership performance programme created specifically to raise the individual and business performance bar and deliver quantifiable ROI in several different ways. Designed and implemented for a global bank, each iteration consists of five, three-day residential workshops, spread over 12 month period, starting and finishing at the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK – a world-class leadership brand with whom we have an exclusive partnering agreement. The middle modules are delivered in various locations across the world depending on the make-up of each iteration. IDG have delivered 31 iterations to date.

The aim of FUSION is to harness the valuable collective experience & talent of a group of committed managers and to focus it on creating high-performing global teams that can deliver faster, better and more cost-effectively than the competition through enhanced leadership & followership skills, closer networking & more effective team working.

Each iteration of 24 carefully-selected participants works together in three parallel cross-functional, cross-hierarchical ALTs (Action Learning Teams). Fusion offers the unique advantage of built-in project delivery, enabling participants to practice new skills whilst delivering tangible business benefits. The year-long duration of each programme allows for and encourages back-at-work application, networking, feedback and measurable payback.

Each Fusion iteration is supported throughout by Sponsors, Senior Executives and from the second iteration onwards, FUSIONeer alumni who visit every module – allowing further networking opportunities.


Module 1: Leadership, Followership & TEAMS (3-days)

  • Start to build high-performing Action Learning Teams.
  • Re-discover hard-earned Leadership, Followership & Team working skills.
  • Re-tune and re-balance your managerial job roles.
  • Begin your personal commitment plan.
  • Initiate a networking, feedback and co-coaching process.

Module 2: Leadership, Followership & INDIVIDUALS (3 days)

  • Flex your own personal leadership & followership styles.
  • Optimise your own & others’ personal work style differences.
  • Deal more effectively with tough stakeholder management situations.
  • Advance your commitment plan in the light of your 1st 360º report.
  • Continue the team working, networking, feedback & co-coaching process.

Module 3: Leadership, Followership & PROJECTS(3 days)

  • Practice team-based decision-making under time pressure.
  • Devise ways to lead change by preparing and presenting to a panel of senior executives two ROI project ideas for making a financially measurable quick-win difference.
  • Examine potential organisational risks to project success and develop mitigation plans.
  • Understand people’s reactions to change and the responses needed to support them.
  • Advance and enhance your commitment plan.
  • Continue the team working, networking, feedback & co-coaching process.

Module 4: Leadership, Followership & MOMENTUM (3 Days)

  • Engage effectively with stakeholders to secure successful organisational collaboration.
  • Examine potential organisational risks to project success and develop mitigation plans.
  • Develop the ability to innovate and think creatively for the benefit of the organisation.
  • Understand their attitude to risk and the potential impact this has on their people.
  • Advance and enhance your commitment plan.
  • Continue the team working, networking, feedback & co-coaching process.

Module 5: Leadership, Followership & RESULTS (3 Days)

  • Present the results to date of Quick Win ALT Payback Projects to a panel of senior executives.
  • Advance their personal commitment plan in the light of their second 360º feedback results.
  • Stretch the leadership, followership and partnership skills learnt to date.
  • Develop pragmatic actions for maintaining programme momentum and payback.
  • Celebrate success and extend the teambuilding, networking and feedback process.


FUSION has won three Industry awards, including The Most Effective Cultural Transformation Initiative at the Financial World Innovation Awards.

A conservative estimate of over $35 million in ROI has been achieved to date via these projects ensuring that the programme is totally self-funding. The pre and post-programme 360° objective feedback results for all completed iterations show a 9% overall objectively-measured improvement in strengths and a 6% overall
reduction in development needs. The Kirkpatrick-based evaluation scores show an average of 80% for all


“FUSION has delivered – and continues to deliver – measurable improvements in all targeted skills areas and in the service to our clients. It has broken down barriers of change and given the participants the ability and the support to make a difference within the organisation. All participants would recommend FUSION to others and many have already moved forward in their career paths due to the skills they learnt.” Sponsor – CIO, GB and Head of Shared Services

“FUSION helped me tap into a network of individuals who clearly felt passionately responsible for the Group’s values and for the development and personal growth of the wider team. As a programme, FUSION challenged me to analyse my skills and working style introspectively, but also to step up and lead with my sights set on a clearly selected and maintained aim. The FUSION off-sites helped me to understand the role of leadership in a pressured environment (using the lofty historical context of Sandhurst really brought the message home), while the final payback project provided me a much-needed exposure to senior management and executive sponsorship.” Delegate- Lead Architect, GBM Architect


Industry: Global Bank
Location: Multi-national
Duration of programme: 3 Day residential workshops
Solution: Intensive, 5-part, 1 year long, cross-functional development programme to take place at centres in several different countries, including Royal Military Academy Sandhurst