The IDG Alumni Network

An exclusive, complimentary learning group for our delegates

The IDG Alumni Network is open to any person who has been on an IDG programme. They have access to offline and online meetings and specially curated content, all designed to continue their learning and development.

We started the IDG Alumni Network for several reasons. Over the years we have had many requests from past delegates that they would welcome an opportunity to refresh themselves on the lessons they learned on their programme, as well as keep in touch with fellow delegates and the IDG facilitators.

The Alumni Network is a great way for us to stay informed about our delegate’s personal development, as well as the progress of those whose programme included the design and implementation of a cost-saving project within their organisation. Just as important, it gives an opportunity to get some feedback on the methods, techniques and theories we teach on our programmes and make sure they are still relevant.

It is therefore very much a synergistic proposition, and that’s why it is a complimentary service. We arrange Alumni meetings around the world with a networking aspect designed to refresh key messages, get feedback and very much carry on the dialogue that began in the programme.

The meetings also include new learning content, as does the Alumni Network website. Also complimentary and available only to those who have been on our programmes, the Hub contains curated learning content (relevant TED talks, articles, podcasts, etc) as well as hosting regular exclusive ‘Brown Bag’ webinars on current issues or specific Leadership issues, and provide insight that can be taken back and implemented into the work place.

If you have been on an IDG programme and would like to sign up for the IDG Alumni, please go to the Alumni Hub – If you would like to know more about it, or have any other questions, please contact us