Case Study: The Ignite Programme

Developing high potential executives in a Jordanian bank


The purpose of the Ignite Program is to provide practical and commercially relevant developmental support to executives of high potential Middle East based SMEs. This program was designed and developed with our client, a regionally based commercial bank in Jordan.

Ignite SME focused on the harsh realities of building a successful business in Jordan in 2014 and how to strategically develop and manage a business to achieve commercial excellence.

This program aimed to show SME owners already poised at the growth phase, the tools available to help them reach their goals, but uniquely allowed a select cohort of the Bank’s RM’s and BM’s to join the program to work alongside the business owners and get a better understanding of the challenges and risks faced by SME owners in developing and growing their business.

This is a ground breaking program – the first of its kind in Jordan, the first of its kind in the Middle East and one of the very first in the world sponsored by a regionally based bank.


Firstly we conducted rigorous one two one interviews from a short list of applicants.
The successful candidates then received an information pack that explained the program content and logistical arrangements.

The program consisted of three modules:

Module Module Focus Duration
1 Developing commercial acumen 3 days
2 Building, leading and executing a successful strategy 2 days
3 Identifying, growing and inspiring great talent 3 days

In between each module participants were offered ongoing proactive mentoring by the Bank’s Relationship managers and access to the Bank’s SME Portal that offers articles, news, ideas, commercial templates, contacts and networking opportunities.


The program is initially evaluated using our industry-standard Kirkpatrick-based questionnaire. The focus of the questionnaire is on the transfer of relevant learning into the workplace, enabling us to measure the utility and efficacy of the program.

The following is a summary of the reaction and feedback from all the participants both Bank managers and SME owners to the program and taken after the third and final module.



“The feedback has been excellent from both the client and the Banks employees on the program participant – almost all the SME’s are of very good quality from a banking perspective – one with a $50m turnover and 300 staff, and all are now or soon will be the Bank’s clients – so the program objectives have been achieved.”Client

“I love the name ‘Ignite’ and feel it was well chosen because this is exactly what it did! I felt that I was positively charged and was encouraged to participate throughout the workshop. The setting, tone, and choice of location supported a very positive and comfortable energy that was much inductive to good concentration- particularly the last module. I left with a very positive energy and renewed intent to charge my team through guiding them to become better leaders themselves. I would like to share what we covered with my team…” Delegate


Industry: Banking
Location: Jordan
Duration of programme: 3 months
Solution: Ignite Programme