Graduate Development Programmes

You only get one opportunity to make a positive first impact on your graduates.

We give them an inspiring and unforgettable introduction to your brand

Organisations looking to attract the top talent have to stand out from their competitors. They must demonstrate their commitment to providing the best possible development for their graduates.

Partnering with IDG can be a key differentiator at milk runs or other graduate events. We can help you create a programme that is unique, innovative and inspirational.

Whether hundreds or a handful of graduates, we can help accelerate their development, maximise your return on investment, and clearly demonstrate your commitment to excellence and innovative thinking.

More than just a great start

IDG methodologies can form an important part of your graduate development curriculum, or you can simply bring them to one of our prestigious partner venues for an unforgettable induction event. 

The immersive nature of these events provide outstanding learning and networking opportunities. Your graduates will enjoy a shared experience and form bonds that few other programmes can achieve.

If your intake is small, we also offer syndicated courses where your graduates will interact with those from other organisations, helping to create networks across industries, potentially even your suppliers and customers.

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Award-winning programmes

Award-winning programmes

Immersive experiences

Immersive experiences

Offsite or onsite

Offsite or onsite

Bespoke to your requirements

Bespoke to your requirements

Engage your graduates, innovate your programme

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Graduate Boot Camps

Graduate Boot Camps

We have partnering agreements with several unique and inspiring venues across the UK that help us create amazing experiences right at the start of the graduate journey. Highly experiential, active and intensive, these allow graduates to get to know each other in an inspirational environment.

Our highly inclusive programmes will challenge them mentally and physically, pushing them out of their comfort zones. The memorable nature of these experiences will leave the graduates talking about their first few days of work for years to come.

Large Scale Graduate Events

Large Scale Graduate Events

Alternatively we could come to one of your own offices and create an engaging and experiential graduate kick-off event, or perhaps give some assistance bringing a pre-existing event to life.

We can design collaborative or competitive exercises which deliver real learning objectives, or provide additional exercises or content to your existing events. The memorable nature of these experiences will leave the graduates talking about their first few days of work for years to come.

Early Career Essentials

Early Career Essentials

We want to ensure that your new hires are provided with the opportunity to excel right from the start of their career. We will work alongside your current curriculum, or develop new content to provide in-house graduate skills and behavioural development.

This might include: time management; living and understanding organisational values; presentation skills; holding ‘courageous’ conversations; influencing without authority; communication; people management skills; increasing self awareness and managing personal brand; developing resilience and more.

"Project Me" - coaching and mentoring

"Project Me" - coaching and mentoring

Putting control of the development journey into the hands of the participants, Project Me is about empowering people by giving them access to great coaches and mentors, choice over the development that they receive and putting them in charge of creating, scoping and delivering a business improvement project.

They have regular touch points with a talent board where they present updates on their personal and collective development journey. This programme is also an excellent initiative for those who have recently completed a formal graduate programme, allowing the organisation to demonstrate continued investment in the development of their people.

Business Simulations

Business Simulations

Understanding how businesses make money is a vital professional skill. Understanding how YOUR business makes money is a key differentiator for graduates and new hires. We run experiential two or three-day business simulations to develop commercial awareness and financial understanding.

Acting as the senior leadership team, participants are required to formulate and deliver on a growth strategy in an extremely competitive and fast paced environment. They must devise innovative and commercial ways to build shareholder value and manage business risks. The programme culminates with a Dragons’ Den style presentation to potential investors where there can only be one winner…

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Large-scale Graduate Induction Event

  • 7 mins
  • UK
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    More than just a great start
    Engage your graduates, innovate your programmes
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