People Analytics

Help you to know your business, better

Our secure, effective data collection and analysis tools can help you align your people with your strategy

Secure, robust and adaptive to your needs

Built in collaboration with our clients to stringent international banking security requirements.

Accessible, flexible and intuitive, our systems speak the language of your organisation.

Identify and promote excellence, plug capability gaps, focus internal investment and build a more effective strategy.

  • Review the health and capability of your organisation.
  • Identify strengths, weakness, opportunities for improvement and hidden expertise.
  • Assess the state of morale and the quality of your communication.
  • Fulfill compliance or health & safety requirements.
  • Better decisions based on real data

Perfectly accommodates large, diverse populations

Capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of respondents – conforms to regional diversity and language requirements.

Your data captured online via our survey dashboard, or onsite via manual data capture events where online access is not available or practical.

Understand your data better with our powerful visualisation system , modified to create reports relevant to you and your business.

Flexibility - our system speaks your language

Flexibility - our system speaks your language

Rigour - security checked to international banking standards

Rigour - security checked to international banking standards

Support - from designing the questions to delivering the improvements

Support - from designing the questions to delivering the improvements

Value - considerably cheaper than our competitors

Value - considerably cheaper than our competitors

What is People Analytics?

There are three elements to our People Analytics. 

Collecting the data efficiently, regardless of any challenges with location, language or number of respondents.

Visualising the collected data in a way that is meaningful to you.

Guiding you through the process to ensure you achieve your goals, and then – if required – recommending what you should do with it.

Let’s look at each element in turn. Click the header to expand the section where necessary.



Able to collect data from your people no matter how many or wherever they are in the world. 

Our online dashboard can be accessed by respondents around the world, it has capacity for tens of thousands of respondents and adapts to regional language, culture and governance. Can be used to collect and compare data on individuals, teams, departments, functions or the entire organisation.

If for whatever reason online access is not possible, our direct collection solution allows us to capture the data directly from the respondents.

We organise presentations in local languages that ask the required questions to groups of employees (up to 200) at the same time. Respondents signal their answer using a wireless handheld device, and data is collected in real-time, meaning results can be relayed back to the group if required. The data is then uploaded into the data visualisation system when practicable.



Data visualisation that takes your survey data and creates reports relevant to you and your business. We work with you at the design stage to make sure that the data collected will give the information you want to see. 

The interface itself has been designed with an emphasis on usability and is customisable to make it accessible and understandable.

Our systems are powerful enough to paint a complete “where are we now?” picture. However, it’s real worth comes over time and multiple surveys after which it can begin to visualise trends and provide a roadmap for a more data-driven based strategy.



We believe our built-in Project Management is one of our main differentiators. We recognise that for complex organisations there is no such thing as “one size fits all” and an “off the shelf solutions” simply do not exist. That is why every one of our survey projects is a collaborative process, from initial consultation through to project closure.

Every stage is carefully managed in harmony with the client to ensure the process and the outcomes meet expectations and align with the overall strategy of the project and the organisation. From identifying requirements and choosing relevant data collection methods, building bespoke surveys and creating custom reports, through technical support during the collection process, before ensuring you have analysis that talks the language of your business. We can also offer specialist advice on how best to utilise the data captured.

    Secure, robust and adaptive to your needs
    Perfectly accommodates large, diverse populations
    What is People Analytics?
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